Repent Amarillo March 22, 2010

Repent Amarillo

Holy shit. If you’re an atheist in Amarillo, TX, I’d be scared. There are Christian soldiers out to get you.

And they have frightening flash animations on their website.

(Thanks to Carmen for the link. I think.)

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  • rbray18

    heard bout them on tyt,sounds normal to me but then i live in oklahoma so cha know 😀

  • Drew

    I’m in Lubbock, an hour and a half south of Amarillo, and heard a lot about them… Crazy SOBs.

  • I love the loud epic music and the gun shot.

  • Jenea

    American Taliban. Scary.

  • That’s insane. They protest breast cancer awareness charity runs because of the links to breast cancer and abortion? Are they seriously thinking that curing breast cancer will encourage abortions? I’m so confused!

  • Roxane

    It was bad enough driving through Amarillo with a daughter who was a vegetarian. We didn’t mention the atheist part.

  • Edmond

    Sites like that prove that god is weak and needs human protection.

  • matt

    If you want to be even more disturbed, this was just written by a Repent Amarillo member.

  • I just spent a few days in Amarillo and I didn’t see any evidence for this group there. I looked too! Nothing evident beyond the normal We Love Jesus fare for Texas.

  • Chris

    You can listen to a talk/debate that AtheistatLarge had with Pastor David from Repent Amarillo, there are 2 videos. Below is the first video. It starts with him reading the mission statement of the group so the actual discussion starts at around 4 minutes.

  • Yeah, I found these idiots some time ago.

    They target “unholy” churches–i.e., Unitarian and other tolerant places. I’m waiting for them to start targeting synagogues.

  • BEX

    I almost wish there was an afterlife so that these people will know how crazy they were to spend their lives this way.

  • Jason

    I particularly liked the ‘Warfare Map’… *snicker*

  • Hazor

    Why is there snow falling in the background? Or is that fallout from their holy nuclear missiles?

  • Sunioc

    Awesome! Now if I visit Amarillo, I’ll know where to find all the good strip clubs, and even where to buy a bong. Thanks, Repent Amarillo!

  • aj

    Apparently David Grisham’s son is some kind of script kiddie who likes to track down people’s phone numbers and addresses so Repenters can harass them.

    Someone should find these people’s phone numbers and email addresses and post them to 4chan or something. Show them how it feels.

  • bigjohn756

    I use the Web of Trust plug in with my Firefox browser. Their rating pop-up gets very excited when I try to visit the Repent Amarillo site. This site has a poor reputation for trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy, and child safety. Y’all need to go and read:
    To see some of the ratings. Suffice it to say that I did not go to look at this Christian site.

  • Vas

    “Notice: This site is not designed for non-christians, It is designed as a recruitment tool to call certain Christians to spiritual warfare”
    Should we even go here this site is not for us!

  • These lunatics are also the ones behind

    Unfortunately, we’re aware of them. My site just pokes sticks in their eyes: http://www.repentamarillo.ORG

    This other site actually does something constructive: http://www.repentamarillo.NET


    David Grisham’s son Russell is “emaster,” the one who runs their site.

    (Surely you won’t mind if I post this anonymously.)

  • Oh, you *do* realize that David Grisham is also an armed security guard at Pantex, our local nuclear facility, right?

    If more people would contact Homeland Security, the FBI, or *somebody* and keep reporting this terrorist, it would really help us.

  • Chal

    Apparently David Grisham’s son is some kind of script kiddie who likes to track down people’s phone numbers and addresses so Repenters can harass them.

    Someone should find these people’s phone numbers and email addresses and post them to 4chan or something. Show them how it feels.

    They have a bunch of phone numbers and email addresses on their contact page. Not that hard to find…

  • @Lyvvie One of the claims by the rabid anti-choicers is that abortion CAUSES breast cancer…that a woman’s chance of getting it is almost assured if she’s had an abortion. So, following the logic that they use for everything else, curing breast cancer is taking away the consequences of abortion and women deserve to die for it.

    I’m wondering how they square that with the men who get breast cancer.

  • holly

    At first glance, I thought it said “Repellant, Armadillo”. Imagine my disappointment when I looked at the site and found out it was not about the cute Texas oddities, but about acute Texas oddballs.

  • I’m an atheist who used to live in Amarillo, but I’ve since wised up and moved away! There’s definitely a void there of more open-minded, non-extremist people. If they do exist in Amarillo, they sure are afraid to say anything (just as I was). My hubby and I still have family there and visit often, and we definitely feel like black sheep! It’s sad that it exists there, but it’s not surprising.

  • Richard Wade

    All that “we” on the site may refer to one guy and his five best friends on his right hand.

    The little white flakes are dandruff

  • Greg Wolfe

    Wow. If I’m ever in Amarillo and need to find a strip club, head shop, or Unitarian Universalist Church, that Warfare Map is perfect!

  • selfification

    Oh cool! Now I know where all the porn stores in Amarillo are. Not that I would ever visit there…

  • Aaron

    Oh boy….both my brothers, especially the older one, would just join this group in a heartbeat.
    If you ever hear of a “Repent Heber Springs, Arkansas” or a “Repent Carson Valley, Nevada”, I would bet money one of my brothers were high placed members.

  • Revid

    What is ‘Spirtual Warfare’? Does god smite thee who uses spellcheck?

  • Did anyone else read “Armadillo” over and over again? Like the animal? I couldn’t figure out what armadillos had to do with repenting!

  • Sha la la lala lalala. I guess that this is the way to Amarillo. Funny but I imagined that is was a softer, gentler, kinder place.

  • Bowler

    @Kaleena: Yup, I did. Now an image of a crazy armadillo somewhere in Texas is stuck in my head.

    As for the website, I love how they couldn’t even spell “spiritual” right on the left side.

  • That looks like a breeding site for a future Scott Roeder.

  • muggle

    Man, that was lame. Seriously, lame. Read it thoroughly and you won’t be bored any more.

    Click on the links and it’s just the same lame usual Xian bleeting. I admit that I got bored after the first two and the ones inside those (especially when I clicked Christians enter here, skimmed the page and clicked on the are you sure you’re not going to hell which led to some long boring drawn out explanation of the Big 10 and then clicked the all others go here and it led to the same damned thing) and stopped reading. For all the flash, it was just the same bad candy in a new wrapper. The nasty sour lemon drops your great aunt was always treating you to.

    And whose bad case of dandruff was flaking all over the home page?

  • GribbletheMunchkin

    Anyone else mildly concerned (not for myself, i’m over the pond in the UK) about the military fetishism amongst groups like repent Amarillo? All that camo, pictures of tanks, jet fighters and talk of war, soldiers, warriors, crusaders, etc. Its rather scary, especially given that, hey, its Texas, they probably have guns coming out the Wazoo.

    Because as we all know, christ was always into the military thing.

  • Ron in Houston

    Does anyone have any conclusive proof that there ARE atheists in Amarillo?

  • Alex

    Hazor said: “Why is there snow falling in the background? Or is that fallout from their holy nuclear missiles?”

    Why, those are the ashes of the unjust. Sinner.

  • kat

    i think we should hire armed security guards for all the pinpoints on their “warfare map”. or at least stage protests to keep them out. declaring “war” on people and then posting where you’re going to attack is kind of bold… and possibly illegal, don’t you think?

  • kat

    PS. LOVE that the “masonic temple” is a place of idol worship. and the islamic mosque. and the church of christ scientist. and the buddhist center. i’m sure they’d all be really interested to hear the argument that they’re idolaters. really.

  • Alex

    And speaking of that Warfare Map, judging by how Amarillo is thickly carpeted with push pins, you’d think the place really was a den of vice. And then you start clicking on the pins and find all the innocuous entries like masonic lodges and nature centers and a scattering of strip clubs for the very bored residents. Although “brainwashing the young into using birth control rather than abstinence” at the family planning clinic sounds moderately worthwhile. Road trip cancelled all the same.

  • I think if I wanted to become a Christian, this would scare the shit out of me. I don’t think anyone told them that they aren’t supposed to be hostile toward people they want to recruit into a “loving” community.
    I personally like the intense music and little shooting sounds. I don’t remember the part in the bible about Jesus and military operations with high-tech equipment, helicopters, etc. I must have slept through that part in religion class.

  • Krista

    @Ron, I’m conclusive proof there are atheists in Amarillo. 🙂 The Texas panhandle is loaded to the gills with people like that, though thankfully they’re mostly hot air.

  • Eliza422

    Kaleena, I thought the same thing! I was like, why pick on the poor Armadillos? What did they ever do to Jebus?

  • Carrie

    I’m also proof that there are atheists in Amarillo. There’s even a group here for like minded individuals.

  • nofearof0

    That is link to an illuminating article on this Repent group.

  • Michael

    Isn’t it time for Atheists to arm themselves??????????

  • BlueRidgeLady


    I haven’t read all the comments so I do not know if this was addressed but the claims of breast cancer/Down’s Syndrome/miscarriage in relation to abortion are fabricated and blown way out of proportion by anti-choice people.

    They apparently are selectively ethical in that they have no problem lying to women for Jesus even though it’s a directly disobedient act against one of the Ten Commandments.


    These people are nuts! They really are just like any other extremists.

  • fritzy

    How dangerous could these foil-hatters be? I perused the site and found not a one mention of the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. Clearly they are not very well armed spiritual warriors. Appears a hungry rabit could make quick work of this group of misfits.

  • kc

    even us christians think they are whack-jobs

  • Steve

    As Carrie noted, there is indeed a group for atheists in Amarillo. Though it’s still small, it’s growing, and we’d love to see at any of our meetups Carrie, Krista, and any other atheists reading this from the Texas panhandle or surrounding area.

  • Marisa

    I am from Amarillo and I just found this on a google search, and I wanted to let you know how bad it has gotten. This local Terrorist Sect (yes that is what we have all started calling them) showed up at a public high school and was “witnessing” to the teens at a Halloween dance. Letters to the AISD and emails and phone calls are being made to try to at least get this group convicted of trespassing. We Amarilloans really need a strong idea of how to get these guys away from our kids any thoughts would be welcomed…Christian or Atheist (as I am), no one wants their kids subjected to hate.

    Please read:

  • Travis

    I’m from Amarillo, and I am scared of these zealots. I bet if they had their way they would be the Necromungers from The Chronicals of Riddick, i.e. convert or kill every human being.

  • Amarilloist

    I live in Amarillo, and while I’m not atheist, I wanted to let you guys know that Mr. Grishom is Running for Mayor. He wants to cut Biology from the AISD curriculum, and he’s also cutting money for Special Education. He’s stupid. On his website he blatently marks every “Non-Christian” Place in Amarillo on a map. This includes the only mosque and hindu temple in the area for miles. I can’t remember the name of it, but there is also a website that supposedly “Converts” you to christianity, but it’s a fail of logic. Its basically if you believe, it says good. If you don’t it says you’re stupid. They left pamphlets in books at Hastings that says if you don’t repent, you will die. All we can do is hope he doesn’t get elected for Mayor or dies in a fire…. 🙂

  • Amarilloist

    oh and they tried to burn the Koran, as many of you know. However a skater (my new hero) stole it and gave it back to the mosque

  • Lucifer’s Taxi

    Packwood’s Law: Sufficiently advanced stupidity is indistinguishable from evil!
    (I see nothing that is amusing, or funny, about DANGEROUSLY STUPID PEOPLE!)

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