Where is Jesus? March 21, 2010

Where is Jesus?

You promise not to hate me, right?


Because here goes the rest of your day:

And there’s more where that came from…

(Thanks to Curse Joe for the link!)

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  • Found him! Took less than a minute! 🙂

  • Interesting. For like 2-3 images. I guess I’m not that into Jesus. 😛

    Anyone wants to find Ganesha?

  • bigjohn756

    This is a terrible thing to do to us! Now, I have to spend hours looking for an image of an imaginary creature.

  • That took about 2 minutes to find all 11.

    I never knew there were 11 Jesuses. Jesii. Whatever.

  • Hmm, took me 2 seconds. I guess I just happened to look at exactly the right spot. 🙂 Or I have some sort of Jesus radar…

  • Greg

    The 7th time, the picture didn’t come up for me.

    There has to be some great irony there.

    (I refreshed and found all 11 though… seek and ye shall find?)

  • awww… it was too easy.

  • Deiloh

    Nobody knows what Jesus looked like, thems just hippy dudes hiding.

  • JT

    When you click randomly.

    “You are an embarassment to your God-loving community. Seek again!”

    I’ve long known that I was an embarrassment to the god-loving community. But at least I’m not an “embarassment” to the spelling community. Seriously people, the computer gods (see also: nerds) gifted us with the red squiggle line for a reason.

  • Adrian

    One hour and I haven’t found him. Does that mean I’m bound for Hell?

  • Found ‘im! But I think that’s actually Andy Gibb.

  • Michael

    I thought I saw him in the toilet bowl this morning….. But as soon as I flushed, he disappeared!

  • Insignificant Speck

    Yeah Andy Gibb haha Took me about 15 sec on my iPhone But that’s like 2 million yrs in biblical time

  • Are you sure that’s Jesus? It looks more like the Burger King to me.

  • Hugh Kramer

    Are you sure that’s Jesus? It looks more like the Burger King to me.

    LOL. The Burger King doesn’t wear a crown of thorns.

  • Joyfulbaby

    I had no trouble finding Jesus in most of their pictures. I’m lucky though; my husband looks like Jesus, so I just looked for him.

  • Tom

    Took me about 12 seconds. Scary

  • Claudia

    Took me about 10 seconds. He’s not that well melded into the shot.

    [edit]: Heh, found all 11 with minutes to spare on the editing time. The hardest was the hippy pic. Damn if they don’t all look the same.

  • atheistinamerica

    I thought I found him right away, but then I realized it was all in my head and I was only seeing what I wanted to see. 🙂

  • Stan

    You mean there went twenty seconds?

  • muggle

    Hemant, I hate you. I just spent too much time on this shit. (About 5 miniutes, to find all 11 on my teensy little Acer netbook screen.)

    Too funny. This one does get points for creativity.

  • muggle

    Too funny. This one does get points for creativity.

  • Found all 11 of him!

    We need a find the FSM one.

  • Jesus? Last I checked, he was playing poker with Waldo and Jimmy Hoffa….

  • Kris

    Was that supposed to be hard? I found all 11 in about 90 seconds…

    I’m with the above poster: Where’s Ganesha?

  • Holy bejeezus, you have found Jesus 11 times! You are finally saved!

    Well la-de-da

  • Am I the only one who doesn’t care?

  • Jesus is the one in the red and white stripy shirt right?

  • Scott

    What? I found ONE. If there are 11, I need the enlarged, Braille version of this photo. This hurts my eyes.

  • Ben

    Scott, you’re supposed to click on him to be presented with another picture. There are 11 pictures all up.

  • ckitching

    You can’t fool me. I know there is no such thing!

  • Richard Wade

    I wonder if anyone in those crowds noticed him.

  • MonkeyBrains

    Way too easy. Its just a matter of looking for a part of the picture that ‘doesn’t fit in’.

  • mousefeathers

    And here I thought we were supposed to believe that Jesus is in all of us–making everyone in the picture Jesus!

    Guess I have to turn in my theology badge. Oh well.

  • DGKnipfer

    That was easy. Less than a minute with room to spare. It’s not even a good photoshop job; just a simple cut and paste.

  • mike c.

    At least the individual(s?) who made it up have a pretty cute sense of humor. After I found all eleven, I clicked on the comments section and some of the responses to the comments were laugh-out-load funny.
    Well at least I thought so.

  • Amenhotepstein

    Trick question! I know that Jesus is in my bedroom watching me masturbate. The priest told me so!

  • Robert Thille

    Stupid site. God == Jesus. God is everywhere. Therefore Jesus is everywhere, and so no matter where you click, you’ve found Jesus.

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