God Gets Around March 15, 2010

God Gets Around

Oh, sure, it makes no sense when you put it like *that*…

(via SMBC)

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  • Ha!

    Still trying to figure out what God said after “it’s in Leviticus” – God kind of mumbled. Otherwise, that’s fantastic.

  • I have to say, I appreciate the sentiment here, but if I can be perfectly blunt: the sketch seems crude, relatively pointless…and really not very funny at all. I always appreciate quality when I see it, but this doesn’t seem to fit the bill:

    a) Humor-wise…it’s amateurish. It’s usually tough to come up with gold in low-production value sketches like this, but beyond that, two guys sounding off on Jesus & Mary in a Seth Rogen style, with no subtlety or wittiness…me personally, I have to give this a thumbs-down.

    b) I never understand what the point of this kind of stuff is. Are they making some grand point here? That this fairy tale called the Bible has…fairy tales in it? Not much of an argument; not much of a point. If you’re lacking a really cutting point that makes for great satire, at least make the damn sketch funny. I’d even take some damn good slapstick. No, we didn’t even get that.

  • Michael

    I love SMBC. If you haven’t tried it yet, check it out. Good web comics and funny videos. Look for the Genie video.

  • NewEnglandBob

    Well, Lahhhhhhh, Dee Dahhhh!

  • *raucous laughter*

    What do you mean, Hemant? So many other people understand this.

  • I’m going to have to agree with Christ on this one…and I really didn’t think I’d be saying those words any time soon.

    The idea’s good, but any Bible-believer would just roll his eyes at how badly they’ve botched what Christians actually say happened.

    The story is that Mary was a virgin, but then after Jesus was born, she and Joseph had several kids. I don’t think most Christians believe (nor did the original writers intend) that Jehovah had sex with her. I mean, if you’re having sex with a god, does an angel have to appear and explain what’s going on to you? Several gratuitously blasphemous divine “size and performance” jokes occur to me at this point, but I’m going to let that go.

    There’s plenty of comedic material in the “real” story, so what they’ve done seems kind of a waste of time.

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