How Religions Propagate and Die March 14, 2010

How Religions Propagate and Die

Thunderf00t has a terrific video about how religions grow and die — and how the Internet is helping with the latter.

It includes Godzilla, Mr. Deity, Richard Dawkins, and Sexy Santa. Why would you not watch it?!:

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  • Excellent. Who said the Internet was just for porn?

  • He seems a little optimistic to me, but maybe that’s because I just spent the weekend engaging with Christians.

  • muggle

    Fantastic video but, yeah, I too hope he isn’t being too hopeful. I think religion’s dying but it’s gonna be a slow death and it ain’t gonna go down without a fight. We are definitely seeing that fight now. I wish I’d live to see a time when nonbelief was in the majority but I really don’t expect that in my lifetime.

    I hope my grandson might live to see it but suspect it’ll more likely be my great-grandchildren who do. There will probably be some remmants around for my grandson’s lifetime. My grandson might be fortunate enough to see belief and nonbelief about even out but once that happens, nonbelief is bound to grow even faster.

    Every advance science makes is another wound to religion and superstition and science too has been growing by leaps and bounds. Religion just can’t live up to knowledge and we have more knowledge of the natural world now than we ever have before.

  • @hoverfrog,
    What?!!!There’s porn online?!!!
    Crap…all these wasted years…

  • I liked his “death by a thousand cuts” metaphor. Perhaps each of us can contribute one cut to be realistically played out over two or three generations.

  • J. J. Ramsey

    I’m not convinced. The Internet certainly widens one’s access to information, but it also widens access to misinformation, and one can easily use the Internet to simply find material that confirms one’s own biases. There is also this apparently untested premise that nonbelief is on the increase due to people using the Internet to help them critically scrutinize their religion and deconvert, rather than e.g. drifting away or being repulsed by religion for less rational reasons. (For example, wanting to stop believing in a religion because its beliefs are loathsome rather than because they are incorrect isn’t rational.)

  • CybrgnX

    All the internet does -and this is important- is give the fence sitter or the doubter the information that allows s/he/it to make the decision to go to skepticism or all the way to atheisium.
    The devout believe will not leave the faith.
    Religion will never die because people as full of fear especially fear of death, religion gives the delusion of something beyond death.

  • This video eloquently organized my thoughts. I knew that the local level where Atheists are out numbered and ridiculed was not going to change the minds of the masses. The Internets open arena of free debate prevents outnumbering someone to silence them. I also believe the clashing of multiple religions opens peoples eyes as well. It’s vastly easier to see hypocrisy for what it is when it’s not the hypocrisy you’ve grown up with.

  • It could be that those who generate content on the internet- who create the websites and edit the videos- have to be at least somewhat technologically savvy. Of those people, there is probably a greater than average rate of rationalism, and therefore atheism.

    This is getting less and less true as technology is more accessible, but I still would think that tech-savvy individuals would be atheists at a (at least slightly) higher rate than the general population.

  • Wow… I feel so violated. I was pulled into the Christian church as a child, I feel like I was brainwashed.

    Thank you, internet. Thank you for freeing me from idiocy!

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