Song for James Randi March 10, 2010

Song for James Randi

The band Tense Kids has a fun little song called “Song for James Randi” that I’ve been listening to for a couple nights now. The lyrics are great.

Feel free to listen to it here:

And check out singer/songwriter Joe Harbison‘s personal page here.

Yay for skeptic music!

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  • Mark

    Anybody have the lyrics? I couldn’t understand a few.

  • ag

    Joe Mangum Split Lyrics


  • Hey, since the site above is old and terribly hard to deal with (though kudos to ‘ag’ for finding it), here are the lyrics:

    It was a fragrant mix of patchouli oil, body odor
    and some distinctly indefinable – but something like a burning spice rack
    She had long, long hair that she put in braids,
    a faded purple dress it looked homemade,
    and she reminded me, vaguely, of Princess Jasmine – from Aladdin
    She said she was into “the arts of a spiritual nature”,
    and I immediately pictured a bad-ass black velvet painting of Jesus holding a deer.
    Then again, that’s what I always picture
    She said she had all the secrets of the whole damn world in the palm of a hand
    and they could be mine – crystallized, simplified, utterly convenient

    Her tiny voice was sweet and soft and barely broke a whisper
    It could all be mine for an introductory price!

    Well, i hate to tell you sister,
    but I belong to the James Randi school of hard knocks
    For the price of an hour at your spiritual center I could buy myself a five star dinner,
    which is more filling, and fulfilling, after all

    Alright, listen – he was serious, so serious that I can’t even begin to convey how serious –
    buying four packages of children’s wood paint, to paint his wand
    But he said that he needed them for his hierophant ritual,
    with opening by watchtower, as laid out by israel regardie
    in his official, leather-bound edition of the esoteric and true magic rites
    of the sacred and hermetic order of the Golden Dawn

    Then he went on to explain that it was Quantum Consciousness Expansion
    With a bright pink mohawk and an old leather jacket (and it looked like he bit his nails an awful lot)
    he said “hey, if I can get up the nerve i’m going to drill a hole in my head ’cause that’s supposed to do…something!”
    Well, buddy, maybe you ought to go for it

    ‘Cause if you pay 242 dollars a year to your friends at the OTO
    and all you’re getting back is the yearly newsletter,
    I’ve got some bad news for you

    I belong to the James Randi school of hard knocks
    Instead of an Egyptian Book of the Dead why not get yourself a Crowley bobblehead?
    It’s more fun, and just as functional, after all

    Instead of hiring that medium, psychic or dowser,
    you could invest in a skepchick pin-up calendar
    They predict the future more accurately
    and look a hell of a lot better naked than Sylvia Browne

  • Snuggly Buffalo

    This is awesome! Need to get a copy of this for my ipod…

    James Randi was actually the catalyst of my apostasy.

  • PallasAthene

    Have you heard the music of Colorpulse? I recommend starting with Glorious Dawn.

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