Creationist Claims iPhone App is Free! March 10, 2010

Creationist Claims iPhone App is Free!

Do you ever find yourself in a heated debate with Creationists and all you have with you is your iPhone?!

Yes. Yes, you do. Every day.

That’s why you want to download Creationist Claims by Insomnia Addict — it’s the iPhone version of The Counter-Creationism Handbook by Mark Isaak.

And it’s free!

How awesome is that?

***Update***: While I think this app is a good source of information, I do want to make clear it’s not a substitute for actually knowing the arguments. If a Creationist makes a confident (but foolish) argument and you have to turn to your iPhone for help, you’re really not helping your case. But if you want to learn how to respond to them using evidence and solid arguments, this App is a good educational tool.

(Thanks to Elsa for the link!)

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  • I already downloaded that a while back.

    ‘Tis entertaining, even when you’re not arguing with Creationists.

  • incunabulum

    What if I already paid for it. Can I get a refund?

    Just kidding! I don’t mind that I helped out.

  • bertrandfan

    An Android app would be terrific.

  • Rebecca

    I have this….great app! 🙂

  • And they all cried out, “Hallelujah!” or words to that effect.

    Excellent. Now all I need is an anti-vax-debunking app (though that is usually pretty easy on its own) to complete my list of apps that give snappy comebacks to stupid talking points:
    – creationism
    – anti-vax
    – AGW deniers

  • I read this headline as “A creationist is claiming that an iPhone app is free.” Not content with spreading lies about science, apparently.

    Let me know when the Android version is available.

  • This app is definitely handy, and I’m not sorry at all that I paid for it.

  • rbray18

    blah cellphones,only for those elitists with jobs and social lives 😛 I’ve always wanted a smart phone like the i phone or android just never could afford one even when working.

    app might be nice though.

  • I read the headline with “Claims” as a verb. So it read as “Creationist (the noun) Claims [that] iPhone App is free” and I was very confused. The thought was something like “so are they claiming some App is free when it isn’t or what?”

    Did anyone else read it that way?

  • Just downloaded it. Talk Origins in a compact, easy to navigate form. Thanks for the heads up!

  • @Joshua Zelinsky
    yep 🙂

  • Revyloution

    When is the Palm Pre port available?

    Even with the hat, I’m not nearly hip enough to own an Iphone.

    Palm Pre rulz.

  • jamssx

    Have any of the Mac or iphone owning creationists noticed their OS is based on something called Darwin?

  • Jagyr

    Got this before it was free. Do not regret a single penny.

  • Quotes around “Creationist Claims” would’ve been nice. I was confused why this was an issue, until I realized I totally misinterpreted the title :B

  • Miko

    Is the “Most mutations are harmful” category suggesting that this is not the case? Because, ya know, most mutations (not counting benign ones) are harmful. Most mutations lead to a horrible death for the organism in question… which is why only the ones that aren’t harmful get propagated.

  • Casimir

    Is the “Most mutations are harmful” category suggesting that this is not the case?

    Yes, I would bet that is what it is suggesting, because the vast majority of mutations are neither beneficial or harmful, they’re neutral and don’t have any effect.

    If you’re not interested in downloading that free app, you can check out this page to start.

    Edit: I missed the sentence where you said “Because, ya know, most mutations (not counting benign ones) are harmful.” But why on earth would you not count them?

  • Slickninja

    Like others, I misread the title of this article as well, it really should have been, “Creation Claims” iPhone app is free. I read it as, a creationist claimed an app was free.

  • Great. Now what about the Blackberry?

  • Chris Jones

    I second, third, tenth, or whatever an Android version of this. I’m too incompatible with AT&T to be able to get an iPhone.

  • Lan

    Multi platforming would be great. I hope android and palm users get access to this too. but hey: what about windows mobile! or even just a J2ME version that everyone can use (clunkily)

  • Revyloution

    Lan, only creationists use Windows Mobile. Everyone knows that.

  • Lan

    hey, Steve jobs is religious (well Buddhist). bill gates is atheist. and yeah ok, windows mobile is buggy as hell. but at least i have a full keyboard and 3G 😀 that and its really powerful. lots of programs and i don’t have to deal with an app store telling me what can or cant be published. (I do want to upgrade to android, but the platform is too skitzo atm )

  • I agree with bertrandfan, I would love to see this on the Android!

  • Revyloution

    Check out the Palm Pre Lan. It’s the underdog in the mobile game right now, but I think they have the best platform out. I really like the hardware, and it has a real keyboard too.

    Plus, you can use your phone as a mobile 3g wireless router. Handy when your out and about and cant find a wifi for your laptop. Its pretty quick too. Sprint and Verizon both carry the phone.

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