Skepchicamp Recap (with Physics!) March 8, 2010

Skepchicamp Recap (with Physics!)

Saturday was Skepchicamp and it was awesome. Props to Skepchick Elyse and the entire planning committee for a wonderful job:

What exactly happened at this event? 75 skeptics crowded into a Chicago pub to listen to a bunch of short talks dealing with everything from superstitions in the world of opera to how even rational people can behave irrationally.

I’ve been going to events in Chicago for years and I’ve *never* seen so many young atheists and skeptics in one room. With a fairly equal gender balance as well! (That was impressive.)

There are so many highlights so it’s a good thing that the bloggers at Action Skeptics were there to liveblog the entire event. Head over there to see descriptions of all the talks!

My favorite part was watching Matt Lowry demonstrate some really neat Physics tricks.

I managed to get (admittedly low quality) video of him breaking through wood. The money shot’s at 3:55. If you have a whole minute to spare, start at 3:15. Or just watch the entire demonstration 🙂

Action Skeptics has video of all three of Matt’s stunts here (start at 7:30 for a really terrific part):

How freaking cool is that.

Also cool: The band Tense Kids played throughout the day and they were awesome. Everyone should be listening to them.

Next year’s event will be even bigger and better. I can’t wait.

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  • stogoe

    I notice that the Supreme Clothier is such an important job that it’s on the list twice.

  • plutosdad

    Augh it’s too bad I didn’t know about this, I live nearby that bar! I’ve been wanting to find other skeptics to network with. I know so few.

  • Yeonghoon

    hmm wonder if things like this happen elsewhere say like around Atlanta, GA.

  • Cathy Fiorello

    I wish I could have been there! I left Chicago after a conference on the morning of the 5th…. Damn!


  • Kimpatsu

    How come Supreme Clothier is on the list twice?
    Note: Damn, Stogoe beat me to it…
    And surely everyone knows that the Time Lords are British?

  • Beth

    Apparently one mention was not enough to contain my awesome. No, wait, that’s Jamie…

  • DataJack

    It was great to finally meet you. Hopefully, we will meet again at TAM.

  • Jamie

    Hell ya I am. I also clearly did my job well. The proof is right there in Hemant’s first sentence.

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