NO GODS License Plate in Indiana March 1, 2010

NO GODS License Plate in Indiana

Last year, Jason from Indiana had some problems when he requested a “NO GODS” license plate. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles initially said (in so many words) it was “offensive” but they finally relented after receiving pressure from the ACLU and media.

Jason finally has his plates and they look great!

Too bad his car’s only going to be around for a couple more weeks before some religious vandals get to it… 🙂

Good for him for standing up for his rights. If Christians can get religious license plates and frames, then we should be allowed the same.

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  • Duo

    Indiana actually has state-issued license plates that read “In God We Trust” in large script that takes up half of the plate. My fianceé put an FSM sticker over the God part… in FSM we trust!

  • Midwest Doc

    I will gladly contribute for any repairs that are needed due to the certain vandalism that will occur.

  • DGKnipfer

    Good luck Jason. I highly recommend that you build a garage ASAP.

  • Fellow Hoosier

    Duo, how long has she had the FSM sticker on the plate? I will do the same thing if I can actually get away with it. Do you know if there is a law against changing the way a license plate looks?

    When they rolled out the In God We Trust plate I immediately noticed that the white stripe in the flag at the bottom looks and awful lot like a joint. Check it out:

  • Jeff B.

    I think it would be better if he put that on the “in god we trust” plate. The irony would make some thumper’s head explode

  • tues82

    He’ll be popular around Christmas. Now all he needs is a bumper sticker that says: Honk If You Are Forming A Group To Stone Me To Death!

  • I’ve had “FSM IPU” on my plates for about 4 months now, and no vandalism yet. But I’m not in the bible belt. And people who read the plate can’t figure it out. You’d think with all the other stickers (pirate fish, Darwin Day, happy humanist, and coming soon! the Cthulhu sticker), they’d be able to figure out something was going on.

  • Danny

    I’m from Indiana and the “In God We Trust” plates make me pretty mad, but it’s really nice to see this happen. I just might have to get FSM on my plates next time they need renewed.

  • Congrats to Jason for finally getting a cool license plate.

    And I’ll gladly send money to help with repairs that hateful people may do to his vehicle.

  • Julie

    Awesome. I hate seeing all those “in god we trust” plates when I drive through Indiana.

  • Jon

    As a fellow godless Hoosier I applaud Jason!

  • JT

    @Jeff B.
    If thumpers had the ability to process irony they would have all exploded long ago. It requires some serious testing, but I’m fairly certain that the part of the brain that comprehends irony is the same part that enables zealous narrow minded pursuit of something that isn’t there. You get one or the other.

  • Gary

    I’d like to see an “In God We Trust” plate with the license number “NOT”.

  • I’ve had a Darwin fish on my car in Indiana for six years now. No vandalism yet. Of course, I have a garage.

  • Jeff B.

    JT, I agree…too much credit being given there.

  • TPO

    Excellent! This would go great with my “Born Ok the First Time” bumper sticker:-) I wonder what kind of resistance I would get from the probate office down here in lower Alabama.

  • Scott Hanley

    Indiana has about 75 different plates you can get and almost every one of them costs extra – except for the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial and the In God We Trust plates.

  • rgz

    Oh it WILL get vandalized.

    Because there isn’t a better way to spread the love of Christ than vandalism.

  • mike c

    Vandalism has always been the reason I haven’t put any stickers on my MINI. I had no problem putting stickers on my old Sentra.

  • jdb

    Thanks for the supportive comments. I won’t be able to drive around with it until next week as I’m traveling this week for work. I’ve n ever had a vandalism problem with my “Proud To Be An Atheist” sticker for 2+ years. I mostly expect more outright comments and dirty looks, but I can handle that.

  • Johnny Cache

    In addition to vandalism, he’ll probably get hassled a lot by the cops.

  • I’ll be happy to contribute to repair any damage done to Jason’s vehicle!

  • Noice. Noice. Now where’s his paypal link so we can contribute to repairs?

  • nonpareilpearl

    I am glad that he was able to get his “No gods” license plate, especially since Indiana has state-issued “In God We Trust” plates. I hope he has a garage or something so it isn’t vandalized though :-/

  • aproustian

    My parents renewed my plates without my permission and so I got stuck with one of those In God We Trust plates. Maybe I should buy a FSM sticker too…

  • I found this after a Google search for blank In God We Trust plates for something I’m working on.. Thought I’d stay for a bit and give the first comment from an outsider, in a sense. So I wanted to say congrats to Jason for getting and fighting for what you believe in! As someone who has and supports the In God We Trust plates, I don’t see anything wrong with someone who does not believe in God having their own view on a license plate.

    I get sick and tired of hearing all these people run their mouth about free speech and Right to show their religious beliefs but, when it comes down to anyone else it’s wrong and they don’t want to hear or see it. And the same goes for an Atheist who would act the same way. I know people on both sides who act like a ten year old on this subject. I just don’t understand what is wrong with people anymore. You would think in 2011 (weird to type 11 now lol) none of this would become such an issue.

    And it seems the more that people want, the more Rights others want to take away, all because they don’t like it. I don’t see enough people standing up against this crap. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with a such thing, when it comes down to loosing our Rights, your personal beliefs should be put aside to keep America free!

    So anyways, just wanted to give my opinion on the subject and hope everyone has a great 2011…

    Should have seen the nasty looks I got from the Obama sticker back in 08 and 09. I have a garage and never left my car alone for too long. A lot of racist people in Franklin, IN! Some are my neighbors lol.

    P.S. Jason.. If I see you running around town, I’ll be sure to yell nasty words to get attention to the clearly offensive words. 😉 LOL..

  • paulalovescats

    I have an atheist sticker on my truck in a small town in TN. Nothing yet. Strange.

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