Jesus Needs To Stop Being Everywhere February 28, 2010

Jesus Needs To Stop Being Everywhere

It freaks people out:

(Thanks to Jason for the link!)

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  • Alec

    I just strapped on my lollerskates and went for a ride.

  • Stalked by Jesus? At least he wasn’t there when he went to the loo.

  • ZOMFSM. I haven’t laughed that hard in ages.

  • And Christians think this would be a good thing!? lol!

  • Kyle

    Oh that Jesus. What a wisecracker! 🙂

  • Bjorn

    That was hilarious. I think it sort of illustrates what Hitchens was talking about when he said God being everywhere would be very invasive.

  • J. Adams

    I dunno, this Jesus looks kinda cool. I’d be down with hanging with this Jesus. At least he’s not looking on all disapproving-like when he hangs out with his girlfriend…

  • Isabel Jones

    Sorry if it is long, but I had to post it here.
    The words bellow belongs to a music written in 1975 by a
    musician that brought the Rock’n’Roll to Brazil
    Unfortunelly, he has died long ago, but he is still
    an icon and his musics are still listened by everyone,
    from teenagers to middle-age people as myself
    sorry by the translation, I had to let it
    talk by itself

    When I forget time for bed
    And suddenly is downing
    I feel the guilt and I don’t know why
    I ask: What have I done ?
    My heart don’t answer
    I fell fear

    If I see a paper on the floor
    I shiver, run and take it
    I’m afraid it could be a note I’d made
    Something that can’t be read
    And I like to write, but
    But I feel fear !
    I feel fear !

    I was so afraid to get out bed at nigth an walk toward the bathroom
    Afraid of knowing that I wasn’t alone there, becouse always
    Always… always…
    I was with God!
    I was with God!
    I was with God!
    I was always with God!

    My mother told me long time ago
    Wherever you go, God goes after you
    God always sees everything you do
    But I couldn’t see God
    I thought it was a ghost
    But I was afraid!
    I was afraid!

    I used to hesitate to get naked there, under the shower, ashmed
    Ashmed of knowing that there was someone with me
    Seeing me to do everything that people do in a bathroom
    Seeing me to do everything that people do in a bathroom

    I dedicate this song to paranoid
    With love and fear
    With love and fear
    With love and fear
    With love and fear

    Obs: PARA NOIA is the name in portuguese, paranoia means paranoid
    and “para” means to. So, Para Noia means that his has dedicated this song
    to someone named Noia ( I believe that Noia means the catholic church )

    In US catholics are just a bunch of people, here, they rule.

  • Oh now that was funny.

  • muggle

    I’ll agree with his mouthed words: son of a bitch! The stalker creep was stealing his girlfriend. And the hypocrite nixed beer but poured the wine.

    I knew it! Jesus is an asshole.

  • paulalovescats

    At least this one has a Semitic nose.

  • paulalovescats

    All wine drinkers are assholes? I was with a beer drinker. Believe me, it just depends. 😛
    (his ex-wife was a wine drunk, so one of each haha)

  • paulalovescats

    I love that. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

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