How to Make a Creation Museum Even Worse February 28, 2010

How to Make a Creation Museum Even Worse

What’s worse than a Creation Museum spreading lies?

A Traveling Creation Museum spreading lies.

The Traveling Creation Museum consists of more than 40 exhibits relating to the six days of creation, the flood, the ice age, cave men, dinosaurs and much more.

“It shows how the real scientific and historical information supports the Genesis account of creation,” said John Wilfong, administrator at First Wesleyan Christian School. “The museum reveals the grandeur of God’s creation and how his actions in history were fulfilled with the coming of our savior, Jesus Christ.”

It only shows the blind leading the blind.

On the upside, members of the Charlotte Atheists and Agnostics are going to be visiting the travesty and documenting their experience.

So at least some people will get educated as a result of all this.

(Thanks to William for the link)

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  • Carlie

    It’s become sentient and started moving of its own accord! Run for your lives!!!!

  • Jonas

    Worse? I don’t know. — Now I don’t have to fly to Kentucky to see it.

    ” … his actions in history were fulfilled with the coming of our savior, Jesus Christ.”
    That’s all folks, nothing to see here, move along.
    Reading that, I can’t help thinking of “The nine billion names of God” the end scene, when the stars are going out.

  • Jeff Mark

    This kind of thing is an embarrassment to America.

    I live near the big Creation Museum in Kentucky. I still haven’t gotten up the stomach to go to it (I’m worried I’ll get sick!) but I did take a drive over there and look around the parking lot and observe the people getting in and out of the cars. They were mostly a mix of … what’s a good way to put this … southern hicks and church groups, I guess. They looked like people who probably aren’t used to being around people who like to *think*. (You know, the “fractions are hard” kind of people. LOL)

    I suppose the same type of people will be visiting this traveling museum.

    I can’t wait to see what our friends from Charlotte find when they visit it.

  • Jeff Mark

    By the way, here’s a link to the group that owns the traveling creation museum. Some self-styled scientist is writing these papers for the site that are completely misleading and wrong. Check out this one about how the Big Bang theory came about:
    If You Can’t Find It, Invent It!

  • liz

    my immediate family (2 parents, 3 siblings) who are all Catholic…or christian at the very least went to the one in kentucky, before driving back to canton, ohio. my husband and i thought about going but decided just to get on the road earlier.

    ANYWAY. when we met up in ohio a few days later i was very pleased to hear my mom say that the ‘museum’ was ridiculous. but of course that just got us into a mini religious argument because i said it was no more ridiculous than say, what the bible actually says =P

  • I went to their website… ick, that made me a little sick to my stomach.

    Their ‘3 questions to ask evolutionists’ makes me a little sad. I don’t think they understand evolution well enough to be able to argue against it. 🙁 Or maybe I’ve read ‘The God Delusion’ one too many times…

    Either way, I am glad I was able to break free from that nonsense.

  • flawedprefect

    I recall an old teacher at my high school who actively invited people with different beliefs to our school to give lectures and allow us to question their beliefs afterward. I seem to remember this is how I was introduced to Mormons and Pentecostals who stressed that Masturbation was a sin. If he’s still teaching, something tells me he’d invite these guys to his school so his students could see for themselves how ridiculous these claims really are. Instead of censoring them, we should really try and get them exposed to people, because nothing sounds more ridiculous than when they try and make a case for themselves. They are their own worst PR. The only people who really take them seriously are folks who’ve already made up their own mind, and I can’t imagine they are really after that demographic – it seems they really want to reach the undecideds.

  • Creationism is wrong on so many levels. Cretinism would be more accurate.

  • Purbrookian

    As someone once observed, “Red Neck, Empty Head.”

  • mike

    “It shows how the real scientific and historical information supports the Genesis account of creation,”

    All of which will fit into a matchbox with room to spare.

  • Angie

    Oh dear. Creationists will be taking this farce on the road. Hopefully, by doing so they’ll be more likely to encounter people who disagree with them and who can point out the inconsistencies in creationism.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to scream.

  • Charles

    Do you know what is more sad than reading an article about a traviling creationist side show? The look on your face when you click on the link and find that its in your home town. 🙁

  • Hybrid

    …and the cycles of ignorance keep turning.

  • Jeff B.

    Jeff, I also live near the creation museum and drove by on my way to the Gap outlet. As embarrassing as that place is, at least we have Union Terminal Museum to balance us out.

    Have you seen the signs for the creation museum with the big T-Rex? T-Rex…on the arc…with a saddle…unfuckingbelievable

  • Canadiannalberta

    My mom is Catholic, and she thinks their full of shit. (her words, not mine). Why? She says dinosaurs were never in Eden. That is it. I could have pointed out other things that were clearly wrong, but in the interest of not fighting, I decided to let it be.

  • muggle

    Aack!!! Just what we need. We really need to stop supporting this even for laughs or just to see what the nutcakes are up to now.

  • It’s all I can do to keep my kids’ grandparents on both sides of the family form taking them to KY, and now there’s one that moves. Lovely. The schools are not safe either. My high school biology teacher (public school) was a part-time baptist minister and young-earth creationist. We covered the evolution section, but it was made clear that it was “just a theory.” We also got extra credit if we wrote a paper on Biblical Creationism. There really is no escape!

  • I condsider myself to be an openminded, fair individual. I’ve seen the Answers in Genesis site and the Creation Museum site and seen most of their videos. Their materials are packed with scientific examples of how the evidence supports the Genesis account. This website has nothing but a bunch of athiests complaining that creation people are stupid. These creation people have actual real, logical answers for my questions, but all I get from you people is that even questioning the theory of evolution shows ignorance. If evolution is true, shouldn’t it stand strong against any sort of questioning? Doesn’t it show more intelligence if you question scientific discoveries and retesting them rather than blindly believing everything you’re told. Scientists HAVE been wrong before, you know. Or, are the peole at this site a bunch of close-minded elitists on a power trip who think that they are the smartest people in the world and everyone who disagrees with them is stupid? In which case, I suppose you wouldn’t believe in God even if He sent ten thousand angels to appear before you. By the way, some of the “hate speech” comments on this site make the “friendly athiest” title seem a little out of place. You’re worse hypocrites than the Christians.

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