Atheist Group Forms at Arkansas State University February 27, 2010

Atheist Group Forms at Arkansas State University

Arkansas State University has an atheist group now, so you should join 🙂

“[The Atheist Community of Jonesboro] was formed because Northeast Arkansas non-theists have no representation in the area, and no forum through which to socialize, to network and to organize,” Joseph Langston, ACJ president, wrote in an e-mail. “…We aren’t against the religious, we are pro non-theist. Our goal is to find those non-theists in [Northeastern Arkansas] and let them know we’re here for them to serve their social, intellectual and humanitarian needs.”

“Our group isn’t anti-theistic; we would no more wish to abolish religion in America than we would wish to abolish the Constitution that grants us all the right to worship as we please,” he said.

It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside every time an atheist group forms in the South!

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  • brett stormont

    good luck to you all! if im ever up that way i will definatley drop in and join the discution! send me an email or post up coming events and discusions and count me as a member!!! again isay..GOOD LUCK!!

  • Tony

    Go Indians! My home state might be worth salvaging after all. BTW, on a recent trip home, it was darn confusing as I was driving into Little Rock from I55 and later I40, as billboards oscillated from Jesus saves to Strip Clubs and Adult novelties. Just, SLIGHTLY, schizo.

  • Fizzy

    How long before that last quote gets picked up by Fox News and reported as, “College atheist group says it wants to abolish religion and the Constitution”?

  • Apsalar

    Awesome news from my former neck of the woods.

  • JJ

    Okay, this is a really huge deal and it makes me happy. Arkansas has become so crazy conservative since Obama was elected that I feel so stressed out every time I visit my family in LR for the holidays.

    I guess in a way it does make sense that Jonesboro would be the school to do it. Congrats to them, and best of luck!

  • James

    Just a clarification:
    The Atheist Community of Jonesboro is not a student group, that was an error on the part of the reporter. We have talked about forming a student group in the future, but that requires things like a faculty sponsor, and is typically much easier to do in the Fall.

    Thanks for promoting our group!

    @Fizzy We have been accused of hate speech already because someone posted lolJesus pictures on our FB wall, lol.

  • Slickninja

    I’m always curious about the going-ons of other campuses being highly involved in Alliance of Happy Atheists at University of Oregon. Its nice to see groups popping up around the US. Just visiting their facebook page makes me realize how nice it is to be in Eugene, where opposition to our group is pretty much is non-existent. Their rules even before their mission statement. We’ve yet to even create rules of conduct for our group. Hope they’re able to stick around and attract members.

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