FFRF Essay Competitions Announced February 20, 2010

FFRF Essay Competitions Announced

The Freedom From Religion Foundation just announced their 2010 essay competition topics.

Anyone can enter and the prize money is pretty sweet.

Each first-place winner gets $2,000; second-place gets $1,000; third-place gets $500; and it goes from there.

College-bound high school seniors are asked to write on the topics of either “The Harm of Religion” or “The Harm of Religion to Women.” Entrants may write about the harm of religion from a historical, psychological or topical perspective or about the harm of religion to women — why women need freedom from religion.

Currently enrolled college students under age 25 are eligible for the college essay competition and are asked to write on one of three topics: “Why I Am an Atheist/Agnostic/Unbeliever,” “Grow ing Up a Freethinker” or “Rejecting Religion.” They may use a personal (biographical) or philosophical app roach, or describe why they choose reason over faith. Experiences in rejecting religion in a religious society may be included. (Make the case for being a nontheist in a persuasive essay.)

Graduate students, or currently enrolled college students age 25 or older, who are enrolled in a North American college or university through at least December 2010 are eligible for the new mature/graduate student essay competition. The topic of the debut competition: “Why We Need to Get God Out of Government, or Keep Religion Out of Politics.”

Now, go win!

I’m only asking for 15% of your earnings.

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  • Sandra S

    I’m sorry, here I read “anyone” and naively assumed that europeans are people too. Turns out only americans and canadians are “anyone”.

  • I would certainly love to enter the competition, but when they say “anyone”, they apparently don’t mean me. I’m not yet a senior in high school. Although I see the reason to put the age limit in place, it’s still unfortunate for a lot of people, including myself.

  • Vivian

    Sandra –

    I don’t think you needed to make such an assuming accusation. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is not about exclusivity, however, their main goal is to protect America’s first amendment.

    But please, don’t make the assumption that anyone on this site or that foundation called Europeans, “nobody”.

    I’m confident that if you sent in a great essay or editorial, FFRF would not ignore it.

  • muggle

    Not anyone. This agism has me ticked: Currently enrolled college students under age 25

    My daughter’s a currently enrolled college student of 27! I see no logical reason she shouldn’t be able to enter.

  • Ron in Houston

    Hmmm, well you do know something about how the publishing industry works, so maybe 15% isn’t too bad.

  • kenneth

    Muggle, there is a category for those like your daughter and myself. The third category is 25 or older.

  • Haley

    I would love to do this, but unfortunately, I’m only a junior in high school. Oh well, there’s always next year!

  • Thanks for posting about this! I’d been waiting for this year’s contest to be announced.

  • I think I could do this. The topics seem pretty open.

  • Clearly “anyone” does not apply to those living outside North America. Does it indeed include Canadians?

    I’d suggest in future instead of saying “anyone” try “North American students as below can enter”, which is far more accurate.

    You might want to consider this post too:

    If you have an international audience, then you need to write inclusively.

  • Daniel

    I am indeed among the first group specified by “anyone” — harm of religion it is!

  • muggle

    Thanks, Kenneth. I can’t believe I totally missed that. Will tell her.

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