Atheist Bus Ads Appear in Detroit February 20, 2010

Atheist Bus Ads Appear in Detroit

Atheist ads will be appearing on the side of buses in Detroit during March, courtesy of the Detroit Area Coalition of Reason.

If you live near Detroit, there’s a fantastic list of events you may be interested in on this page.

(Thanks to Ruthe for the link!)

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  • Alec

    Awesome! Hey, the billboard worked too, I didn’t know there was a CoR group near me!

  • Detroit. Nice. I’ll bet the ad space was cheap.
    Well, none of the 3 dozen people left in Detroit can read, so at least nobody will get “offended”.

  • Matthius

    hey Godless Monster,
    there’s at least 4.

    in all seriousness Detroit has Wayne State tucked away in there somewhere. Also, all the UM Ann Arbor kids driving into town for student teaching and obtaining hipster cred will see it.

  • Yeah, I know. I live in Michigan. My daughter is considering going to Wayne State and I think she’s nuts. I was born in Detroit, went to junior high school in Detroit and lived in Ann Arbor (on and off for over 20 years).
    And not counting Wayne State and the Center for Creative Studies, yes, there’s virtually nobody in that armpit of the universe that is literate. It’s a dump and a complete joke.

  • Oh…one more thing. The last thing a “believer” wants to be thinking about before driving into the hell that is Detroit, is that their god isn’t real. Gives one a warm, fuzzy feeling right before they’re yanked out of their car and pistol whipped at an intersection…

  • We have a vibrant atheist community here in the Detroit area! The more nonbelievers we can reach out to the better!

  • «bønez_brigade»

    One of the CoR signs was recently posted in Tucson, and the timing of the photo couldn’t have been better:


    [Hemant, I sent you an email about it; but it probably went straight to your spam folder, due to all of the other links in it about Bro. Jed’s appearance at the UofA. Our group here is now affiliated w/ SSA!]

  • Tuscon’s billboard raising timing is PRICELESS!

  • TPO

    Hopefully we’ll see some of those down here in Alabama one day.

  • Wildwing

    As Ruthe said, we have a fantastic atheist community here in Metro Detroit and in particular, I recommend the DAM: Detroit Area Meetup. It won’t seem to let me post the link here so just Google if you’re interested. There’s nothing we like more than new faces at our meetings!

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