Atheist Group forms at Auburn February 19, 2010

Atheist Group forms at Auburn

It’s always nice to see campus atheist groups forming in states not generally known for their tolerance of Secular Americans.

The most recent example of this is the new Auburn Atheists and Agnostics group starting at Auburn University in Alabama:

Christopher Chabot, freshman in aerospace engineering, and communication director of the group, said the group’s goal is not to convince and convert people into becoming atheist or agnostic, but to spread awareness and acceptance and provide a venue for people with similar ideas to come together and share those ideas in a comfortable environment.

“They really kind of lacked this type of club here at Auburn,” Chabot said. “To have a Muslim group, a Jewish group, multiple Christian groups of all different sects and to not have a group where free-thinkers and nonreligious people could get together was kind of mind boggling.”

The highlight of the article is the part explaining how the group was approved:

After creating a constitution and bylaws, the group had to go in front of the organization board, which, after saying a prayer, voted on whether to make AAA an official campus group.

“Everyone on the organization board kind of looked at each other, but they all ended up saying yes,” [president Poojit] Ravikumar said.

Well, at least they said yes…?

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  • pyvsi

    So…god approves of atheist groups? In Alabama? Praise Apophis!

  • NewEnglandBob

    Apophis! You heathen, it is the will of Thor!

  • Kit

    I’m at the University of Alabama campus today and saw a big poster for Alabama Atheists and Agnostics in their student center. I was pretty excited!

  • sideshow billybob

    Thor?! Zeus frowns upon your shenanigans!

  • The Other Tom

    Last I heard, Auburn had an official policy of expelling students for being gay. I can’t imagine why a free thinking person would want to go there.

  • tennismom

    My husband and son went to the meeting to support the AAA the night they were approved as a group. I know the officers are coming to our dinner group tonight and the club members are also invited…hopefully we’ll have a great turnout tonight. Guess I better start cooking. 🙂

  • TPO

    That’s excellent news. Congratulations Tigers and props to those atheists in Tide country. Perhaps I can get a group started at Troy State if I ever get around going back to get my MS.

  • Jonathan

    As a student at Auburn, I must say that I’m so excited to finally have an official atheist presence here! And thanks for posting this so others in the South will know that rational people do actually exist here.

  • Anonymous

    I’m also an Auburn student, glad to see some free thinkers brave enough to ‘come out of the closet’ as it were. I hope I can attend some future AAA meetings and become a member without my friends or family finding out (well, except for my mom who’s also atheist). It’s unfortunate that this isn’t an organization that I can safely add to my resume.

    Look forward to seeing AAA on Organization Day on the Haley Concourse! 🙂

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