The Voice Ain’t Coming February 17, 2010

The Voice Ain’t Coming

I would hope people come to their senses well before they hit the second panel…:

(via nakedpastor)

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  • liz

    why would he suddenly acquire a cane if he doesn’t even do any walking?

    silly people.

  • Greg

    Liz – one of his fellow believers gave it to him, sure that he would hear the voice of god soon, of course.

    Isn’t it obvious?


  • That’s funny, because I’ve always hoped that people would come to their senses before the FIRST panel… 🙂

  • Ben

    The sad thing about the human mind is that within the first few days of not eating, he would DEFINITELY hear “the voice” and then take it as a miracle and proof of unicorns and lalalalala.

    Foiled again by our Darwinian imperative to procreate.

  • Alan E.

    OOO Visit Israel ad at the top! I should go there and pray. The ad says I’ll never be the same!

  • Alix

    What’s even more disturbing is the number of people who honestly believe they’ve heard the voice of God or Jesus or Kuan Yin or whatever, that their lives have been singled out for some arbitrary reason, that they are in divine favor.

    It’s not like we aren’t aware many theists follow religion for the entitlement…

  • Well, actually I provided the cane. I employed artistic license to use the cane to show he’d aged. That’s all.

  • ps: thanks Hemant for using my cartoon.

  • muggle

    In my teens, I heard “God” speak. In my teens, I was also suicidal.

    I’m feeling much better now.

  • Barry

    Early in my nonage, I saw God sitting high up among the cumulus clouds. Of course, at the time I was pre-rational and believed in Santa Claus and super heroes.

  • catherine

    Interesting that this cartoon was drawn by a pastor.

  • It’s actually not so far fetched. Last year, a man died after sitting in his chair for 8 or 9 months, waiting for god to heal his injured knee. He didn’t have health insurance, so he went home, sat down in the recliner, and started praying. Didn’t work (go figure!),and his family ended up, after months, calling an ambulance to take him to the hospital, where he died later that day. While he was in the chair, he posted sermons to the internet and gained rather a lot of weight. Sad story.

  • I would have been gone as soon as I had to pee.

    This guy probably peed all over the place.

    (only crazy people think that cartoon pee is gross)

  • liz

    silly artists and their made up licenses. =] just kidding.

  • I’m having a bit of a hard time understanding what sort of message this is supposed to be, coming from a pastor.

  • selfification

    Well.. taking some interpretive freedom, very few people would reach the second slide and even fewer the third. They would either give up (either by rationalizing, or through actual rational reasoning), or would succumb to hallucinations from vitamin deficiency (which would vindicate them).

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