The UK Has All the Good Talks… February 15, 2010

The UK Has All the Good Talks…

Beginning next Monday at Oxford University (UK) is Think Week, a week of thought-provoking lectures talks on a variety of topics, organized by several atheist/Humanist societies.

The aim of the week will be to expose the type of discussion and debate that these societies offer to a wider audience and raise the profile of the issues involved, among the whole Oxford community… The events will be intended to make people think about things they probably haven’t thought about before.

The events calendar looks impressive.

But that’s not all!

In a few weeks, Professor Marcus du Sautoy — the man who took over Richard Dawkins‘ former post as Charles Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science — will be giving the Eighth Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture on the number 42!

The talk is called “42: the answer to life, the universe and prime numbers.”

Meanwhile, America will continue listening to Sarah Palin… Goddammit.

Thanks to Simon and Fiona for the links!

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  • sideshow billybob

    You’re making a bad assumption in thinking I’m listening to Sarah Palin in the first place. I have better, more instructive things to do with my time. Granted, my opinion considers THIS to be better and more instructive than her.

  • Comparing the best of British to Sarah Palin is really unfair. Of course we Brits look good in comparison. Sarah Palin makes anyone look good. That’s why she was the number two for the Republicans, to make that old guy from the Die Hard movies look good.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Hey look; if prime numbers is the question, 42 is not the answer.

    – Don’t you teach math?

  • Aj

    Marcus du Sautoy’s documentary “The Story of Maths” was pretty good.

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