I’m No Gemini February 14, 2010

I’m No Gemini

How did I miss this Onion horoscope last week?

Does anyone else have the odd habit of beginning with your own sign when reading the Onion horoscopes?

(Thanks to L for the link!)

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  • Philbert

    Frakking Geminons!

  • Mel

    nice, philbert!

  • Laramie

    I’m a gemini. My wife and I got a huge kick out of that one.

  • Stan

    Makes me feel weird to be a gemini now.

  • liz

    yea..i saw that. I laughed…and laughed…and laughed. Then i said, “i sure hope not”

  • Oh no! Not again?!

  • JulietEcho

    Eh, I’m a Pieces, which means that mine is usually listed last. It’s too much of a pain to scroll down and read the last one first.

    I was just having supper with someone last night who takes zodiac signs (and psychic readings and such) seriously, and I had a really hard time not coming off as facetious.

    But SERIOUSLY! It’s so silly!

  • muggle

    It’s amusing at the end of the day once in a while when you know how the day already went and can laugh about how inaccurate it was. When I do, of course, I always start with mine first (even though I’m a Pisces and it’s last), then read my daughter’s and grandson’s. Then I lose interest.

    I also occassionally read the personal ads when bored. All of them, not just the straight men seeking women. It’s awful to laugh at the pathetic but seriously is there anything funnier than some guy who is 46 and likes football (i.e., most likely couch potato, cheetos and beer) who wants someone at least 10 years younger than him who must be fit and then magnamously says it’s okay if she has a kid? The rest are no better. And man they all are so coy, looking for friendship or a LTR.

    God, the terrible things that I stoop to when I’m bored. I rarely do this since getting the internet. Blogs and facebook and a wealth of games and information and interesting reading at my fingertips are keeping me from stooping too low.

  • Jeff B

    I’m a gemini; this is def. going on my facebook page

  • Dan W

    I rarely check horoscopes, but when I do it’s just for a laugh. I’m a Capricorn, so mine’s usually one of the last ones. I like to read them all, as they’re frequently vague enough to apply to anyone.

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