Support Global Atheist Solidarity Day February 12, 2010

Support Global Atheist Solidarity Day

Mike Smith is promoting a really positive idea that I hope others will help promote: a Global Atheist Solidarity Day.

It’s a day to stand up together as one and provide support for those who struggle to be non-religious in their communities. There are many around the world who have to hid their beliefs because of social pressures, taboos, threat of violence, and even death. Everywhere there are people who have to hide out of necessity. This day will be a day where atheists around the world wear something that identifies themselves as an atheist.

It’s months away and it will need help to get off the ground, but it’s a simple thing to do. Like all grassroots campaigns, if enough people do it, it could really have an impact.

All you have to do for now is sign up for the Facebook group.

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  • Matto the Hun

    Done and done… at the time I was 1 of 12 (signed up)… and I didn’t see your mug signed up Hemant! 😛

  • DGKnipfer

    Soon as I get home I’ll join the band wagon. Let’s see how soon we can get to 100,000.

  • Ron in Houston

    My honest opinion? Atheism is nothing that gives solidarity.

    Separation of church and state? Now that’s something that might give solidarity.

    Religious persecution of the GLBT community? Again, that’s something I could get behind.

    Atheism? It’s just my non-belief in a theistic deity.

    I’m not wishing for it, but I suspect that Global Atheist Solidarity Day will have about as much success as any other attempt to herd cats.

  • Regardless of herding cats, it seems like a good reason to celebrate when there’s no school to distract myself.

  • ed42

    This is too easy… it’s GAS day! 😎

  • christopher

    I’m in, with all my eve-ile photos uploaded

  • ed42 wrote “This is too easy… it’s GAS day!”

    Love the idea…hate the name. GAS Day. F-ing great. Like we don’t have to deal with enough shit as it is already. ed42 is right. Great concept, poor execution. It IS too easy and it’s silly to give the enemy such a zinger. I can see FAUX “News” having a field day with this one.
    Starting next week, I’ll continually promote it on my Zazzle atheist t-shirt store (shameless plug) and blog, but I’ll be calling it Atheist Solidarity Day.

  • Jennifer

    Joined. Who really cares what Faux ‘News’ does or says about us? It not like there is much possibility of changing the minds of the commentators or the majority of the viewers.

  • muggle

    Joined too. Let Faux News do what they will. It’ll only publicize it.

  • Kid A

    Sorry, I live in f*cking Arkansawwww– every one of my co-workers is a churchgoer, and more to the point, my manager is a redneck fundie. I can’t afford to lose my job and I’m already under enough stress as it is.

  • Jennifer and Muggle…I was wrong…you’re right.

  • Ben Finney

    > All you have to do for now is sign up for the Facebook group.

    No. I love my fellow atheists, and feel strong solidarity with ’em. That doesn’t change the fact that Facebook is a privacy-gobbling soul-sucking walled garden far worse than AOL ever was, so that’s not gonna happen.

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