Happy Darwin Day! February 12, 2010

Happy Darwin Day!

In honor of Charles Darwin‘s 201st birthday today, Diana Glennie of the McMaster Association of Secular Humanists (MASH) in Ontario made a wonderful cake:

You’ll want to zoom in on that at her site. It looks even more delicious in higher resolution 🙂

"*sip* *guzzle* Gimme a minute."

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  • polomint38

    A nice slice of that cake, would go down great after a couple of nice baked children. Yum Yum

  • Kris

    I love the gait of the fellow on the left 🙂 It’s quite a ‘prance’!

  • we made a cake too, not very glamorous – you can see it here http://pmhewitt.wordpress.com/2010/02/13/darwin-day-dinner/
    We were going to have crocoduck for dinner, but settled for Mippo instead.
    Happy Darwin Day!

  • Now, I’m hungry. That is a really cool cake.