The Filipino Freethinkers Film Festival 2010 February 9, 2010

The Filipino Freethinkers Film Festival 2010

It’s really hard to get college atheists and local atheist groups to get a giant group together for much of anything.

So when a couple hundred get together, anywhere, I’m paying attention.

They’re doing that in the Philippines this weekend, during their first (hopefully annual) Filipino Freethinkers Film Festival:

“Most of us don’t question our faith or religion at all,” says Ryan Tani, president of the Filipino Freethinkers. “But when religion increasingly conflicts with reason in society, we need a public discussion of the merits of faith. Especially we Filipinos, who live under laws shaped by the Catholic Church whether we’re Catholic or not.

“Showing films that question that assumption, that faith is always a good thing… I think that’s a really important first step to get the debate going,” says Tani.

The films screened during the Filipino Freethinkers Film Festival are intended to reach out to both the religious and the irreligious, questioning long-cherished assumptions on both sides of the debate.

They’re showing Letting Go of God and Root of All Evil? among others!

For anyone interested in more information — especially if you can make it to the event on February 27th — all you need to know can be found here.

Over 200 guests have signed up already!

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  • At first we were worried the 800-seat venue would be too big. After all, less than a percent of the population can be considered freethinkers. But with around 800 potential guests, and around 5000 still awaiting reply, we’re not sure if 800 seats are enough! Once again, Hemant, thanks so much for your support 🙂

  • Donna

    Cool! I wish I could be there. Good luck, Ryan (not that it looks like you need it).

  • Baktru

    Cool. I would have tried to attend had I actually been in the Philippines then, but I won’t be so…

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