Live-Blogging the Tim Tebow Commercial February 7, 2010

Live-Blogging the Tim Tebow Commercial

***Begin live-blogging***

5:42 Third Commercial in. Good placement.

***End live-blogging***

Well, that was fun.

What should I do the rest of the night?

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  • You could start figuring out what this ad is for?
    Pro-life? does not seem so.
    More like baby formula or life insurance or something else- you know like Walmart…

  • Can we talk about Queen Latifah for a second. I love her…she’s awesome, but DAMN I’ve never been so happy to hear a gospel choir start singing.
    I’m watching Ace of Cakes now.

    (You know what you can do? Tell me what to blog about next (poll is up over there asking the same question 😉 )

  • Hemant, you make me smile.

  • Um, I went with listing the conception couch on ebay….in case you were wondering.

  • I think it was too much hype for nothing. . . I saw the game with a couple of friends and none of them noticed the ad.

    Like you said, better to spend 2.5 million there than in protests.

  • Bud

    Yeah, a couple million spent for a commercial promoting Focus on the Family that features a famous person. It was featured so early that my Super Bowl group actually missed it.

    Maybe it would’ve drawn more attention if Focus on the Family’s commercial had a house made out of beer cans.

  • Ron in Houston

    I call it a major non-event. Seems to me that all they did was say, “Oh, here’s Tim Tebow, if you want to know more go to”

    I still question if that money couldn’t have been better spend feeding he hungry or clothing the poor.

  • The commercial got a big fat “meh” from me. It was just barely pro-life, if you caught the dog-whistle language. I can’t believe that they wasted $2.5 million on an ad that basically Mrs. Tebow saying, “My son is really really tough. Go to”. The End. They could have used that money to keep some of the staff they laid off last year.

  • littlejohn

    Tempest in a teapot, as it turns out. FoF seems to have wasted a great deal of money to say pretty much nothing.
    As for the game, how soon will the speculation start that the Colts threw it so as not to ruin the party in New Orleans? Not my view, but somebody will suggest it.

  • Ryan

    My first reaction was: “That was it?!!?!” After all the hype over this ad, I was expecting them to say “Abortion is evil, evil, evil, and against god, praise the cross man. PS Gays suck too.” etc etc. You get the idea. Wow. FOF Just wasted 3 million. Way to go.

  • Ryan

    My first reaction was: “That was it?!!?!” After all the hype over this ad, I was expecting them to say “Abortion is evil, evil, evil, and against god, praise the cross man. PS Gays suck too.” etc etc. You get the idea. Wow. FOF Just wasted 3 million. Way to go.

  • Dan


    Make an ad and buy a cheap spot during the super bowl, something early, so they don’t have to pay as much.

    Then, let the free advertising in the form of word-of-mouth begin. Because now, the word is out that “They have an ad running during the super bowl!!”

    That’s worth more than the advertisement itself could ever be.

  • BathTub

    Ryan, wasted? You’re kidding right? How much press has FOF got from this? an insane ammount. Huge return on investment I think.

  • Right on; much ado about very little.

  • PolyLan

    I’ll still consider it wasted. Sure great publicity for them, but that same money would have been much better sent helping those families they claim to be focused on.

  • The commercial was stupid, and I feel sorry for the approximately 75 recently laid-off FOF staffers who could still have jobs at an average of $35k/year with what was spent on that ad. I wonder if they’ve all remained faithful to the cause — i think it was over 200 that have been laid off between the Prop 8 campaign and this, positions that were sacrificed to pay for huge ad campaigns against gay rights and women’s choice.

    But, that doesn’t bother me too much, you lay down with dogs, you get fleas — but it offends me deeply that they rejected one of the public service spots urging people not to use “Gay” to describe things that are lame. They also refused a gay matchmaking ad, but claimed they couldn’t verify funding on that. But, that wasn’t the problem with the Hayley Duff ad, they just declined to run an ad suggesting that gays should be treated with respect.

    I don’t really care what manner of stupidity the fundies and anti-choicers spend their budgets on instead of helping actual families, I just think that views from the pro-human-rights side of things ought to have the same ability to reach that audience.

  • Revyloution

    Wait, the Superbowl was today?

    Damn. Missed another one.

    I would be looking forward to Lagunatics review of the conception couch, but Ive had my vasectomy. No more conceptions here.

  • Ashley Moltzan

    the ad was not controversial at all with all the hype we were making it … the “a” word wasn’t even used. and it seemed to be a commercial about family time. I was expecting some promo video explaining how she didn’t have an abortion. Honestly if I didn’t know prior, I would have thought the ad was for family time like the Mormons have commercials for.

  • Ashley Moltzan

    It was like people being mad about Golden Compass or DaVinci Code without seeing it yet. Like I said earlier, if I didn’t know I would have thought it was about being healthy/family time.

  • heironymous

    Here’s the thing. Every commercial where a woman talks about how happy she is that she chose to have her baby is a victory for pro-choice.

  • KJ

    This was a big win for FotF. The commercial was lame… super-lame. Doesn’t matter. Before it aired, the entire country was talking about it. CNN/Fox/MSNBC, late-night talk show hosts, and the internets were all talking about it…. now it has aired, and we’re still talking about it. Win.

  • J. Allen

    I was still laughing at Betty White and missed everything except for ‘I love you Mom’

  • Polly


    The commercial featuring Betty White and “Fish” was pretty good.

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