How to Respond to the Westboro Baptist Church Protest of Twitter February 5, 2010

How to Respond to the Westboro Baptist Church Protest of Twitter

Fred Phelps and his crew descended upon Twitter’s offices in San Francisco the other day.

Protesters were ready. And hilarious.

I love seeing absurd beliefs fought like this. So much better than a shouting match.

And there are plenty more examples of fighting crazy with humor when it comes to the Westboro Baptist Church.

It’s not the sort of thing you could really pull off at a funeral, but I have to believe people treating them as a joke just makes them angrier. So let’s keep making that happen whenever we can.

(via The Atheist Experience)

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  • ZombieGirl

    Ohhh I’m so proud of San Francisco. 🙂 🙂

    It is understandable to react angrily towards the Westboro Baptist Church, as I did so when I first discovered their existence.

    However, I think the best way to react to them is to diminish their opinions and deal with them like they are so insignificant and unworthy of attention (they really are). Quite frankly, they are attention whores and enjoy pissing people off. Let’s not give them what they want. 🙂

  • ZombieGirl

    Ohhh I’m so proud of San Francisco (being from around there). 🙂 🙂

    It is understandable to react angrily towards the Westboro Baptist Church, as I did so when I first discovered their existence.

    However, I think the best way to react to them is to diminish their opinions and deal with them like they are so insignificant and unworthy of attention (they really are). Quite frankly, they are attention whores and enjoy pissing people off. Let’s not give them what they want. 🙂

  • Bethor

    Ok, this is probably because I’m european and haven’t been following this but I’m confused… Why where they protesting twitter ? Is it because they think it falls in their cute little “fag enabler” category ?

    Cause if so, they probably should go straight to the source and protest writing. Oh, and speech, can’t be too careful !

    Seen from the (not always but usually) more secular part of the old continent, the WBC really, really sounds like they are all clinically insane.

    I do concur that this is the best way to counter-protest though 😀 Some of those signs were pure genius !

  • I had the opportunity to become inoculated to Phelps and his crew. Once you listen to him for a while, it becomes clear that he is basically “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Same phrases over and over, cannot respond to any question with substance.

    The best response I ever witnessed to one of his “protests” was when all the gays and lesbians joined in and sang hymns with his group. They looked completely bewildered.

  • One more puzzled reader wondering what Crazy Fred has against Twitter (I mean in particular, over and above their general hostility to damn near everyone who isn’t them).

    Also: what the hell does WBC do for money? Do they hold honest jobs outside their compound, or what?

  • littlejohn

    Hate to be a downer dude, but if you’re going to teach, you have to learn to spell “protester.” It has an “e.” It’s “demonstrator” that has an “o.”
    Sorry, I’ve worked my entire life as a copy editor and proofreader. This stuff drives me crazy.
    Please forgive me. It’s late and I’m drinking.

  • littlejohn — Fixed. Thanks!

  • Stan

    Eamon Knight, I must know more! You wouldn’t happen to have a video, would you?

  • Revyloution

    Littlejohn, here’s to drinking late! Cheers mate.

    I want to know who’s holding the ‘God hates kittens’ sign. Shes smokin’!

  • Phelps and Cº. are like those monsters in scifi flicks that just get stronger the more anger you throw at them. Short of totally ignoring them (that would totally destroy Fred), loopiness and humor is clearly the only effective weapon. And how do they make money? They’re lawyers. (cue theremin music) Sweet dreams.

  • Jasen777

    “I have a sign” – best sign ever.

  • “Silly Hats Only” For The Win…

  • Fledgling P

    This makes me want to make a pretty big poster (the size of the where’s waldo sign), and write “ME” in an obnoxious color while parading somewhere.

    …in other words, I like this post. 🙂

    P.S: Booyah for “Where’s Waldo” poster! There is nothing more epic- ‘xcept for the rickrolling posters of course.

  • I want to know why WBC was protesting Twitter, too. Are they turning into some sort of fundie flash mob?

  • Pustulio

    Does it really matter why WBC is protesting Twitter specifically? I mean, is there any possible reason that would make you sit back and say, “Ok, I may disagree but at least they’re consistent”? Pick a reason at random and anything you come up with has got to make at least as much sense as anything they’ve got.

  • Jude

    If I had serious Photoshop skills, I’d like to make posters of prominent WBC members making out with people of the same sex. 😀

    If anyone wants to take my idea and run with it, feel free!

  • well a quick search on the net gives the reasoning behind though (though idont get it myself haha)

    ‘The organization says that they aren’t protesting against Twitter, rather encouraging the organization to do its duty in serving God. Megan Phelps-Roper, granddaughter of Pastor Phelps, tweets:

    Don’t be silly! We’re not protesting Twitter as a platform; that’s like picketing television! =) We’re picketing the people who run @Twitter, who don’t use their position & voice to warn a generation of rebels of the consequences of their rebellion. Same goes for those at Foursquare & Gowalla (tho I personally find their products useless — at least relative to Twitter. =)

    grabbed from –

    oo and Jude i might just have to give that idea a go ^_^

  • muggle

    Wow, the crazy! Protesting because a business isn’t sermonizing. I too was wondering why Twitter but I figured (though I have no interest in tweeting it) if WBC is protesting that’s a good indication that they’re doing something right. I was right. They are. Leaving “God” out of their secular business is very commendable.

    I love the counter protests! Absolutely love it! Way to go. We can’t make them go away but we can make them look like fools. (Though come to think of it, they do a pretty good job of it all by themselves.) Still, let’s have fun with it and clown around showing everyone they can’t be taken seriously. At this point, for real. I don’t think even the fundies can. I mean next thing you know they’ll be protesting a spider spinning a web or the sun coming up in the morning. You can’t make a statement with the let’s protest anything that moves and even those that don’t plan.

    The funerals are tough but the bikers already have that covered:

  • Derek

    Hello True Unbelievers! It’s Your Friendly Neighborhood Christian here to bring you this message…. *FACEPALM* Wouldn’t this be like protesting the people who run television that aren’t using the … nevermind.

    Good luck attempting to make these folks look more idiotic than they already do. Personally, I don’t know how you’ll manage it.

    Cheers and Excelsior!

  • They were supposed to be in Sacramento yesterday. One person told me it was canceled due to rain, it was sprinkling, and another told me that there were ten people there. I ignored them which was the most prevalent advice given.

    This dude is te funniest protester ever, ever. So funny. what I’m trying to say is that this guy is funny.

  • Derek

    Thanks Kriss,

    That was pure WIN!

  • Fritzy

    Ridicule is the only way to deal with WBC. Reason1, insanity 0! And the sign held by the bald guy with the mustache that’s difficult to read says “God Loves the delicious taste of Kraft macaronni and cheese!” Epic win!

  • Kevin Benko

    I read something regarding the WBC a few months ago in the internet. ((Hey! it was on the internet, so it *must* be…. um… questionable))

    *: Fred Phelps was formerly an attorney and his caseload was approximately 1/3 of all the civil rights cases in the area.

    *: All (or most) of the adult spawn-of-Phelps are attorneys.

    *: (here’s the wild claim) What I read claimed that WBC is doing their special little protests to anger people to physically attack them, then they sue the snot out of them.

    I would guess that none of the above is accurate, but it does sound like a bit bowl of extra-weirdness to add to the WBC nonsense.

  • muggle

    I don’t know, Kevin. I wouldn’t be surprised if that last bit were true. They are that low class. Of course, are the court cases there to back it up?

  • I was Promised Donuts. Classic.

  • A Christian

    This group should be stripped of its very name and should be refered to as only WBC. They do not represent any organized Baptist group and are damaging the name and identy of many other people. I am a Christan and a Southern Baptist and want no affliation with them. (Southern Baptist have been around alot longer then WBC and should consider claming the “brand”) They do not represent the majority of people from the town of Westburo and are damaging the name that is home to so many people. They represet no organized church other than their own little group and are damaging the very word “church” which has connections with “sanctuary” and “fellowship” . Perhapes they should be held liable for damages? At least they should be stripped of the name. A small name with no affilations is fitting. WBC and nothing more.

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