Upcoming Talks February 1, 2010

Upcoming Talks

I’m visiting a bunch of schools/cities in the next few months to give talks. All talks are in the evening.

Not all the dates/times are set, but if you’re in the area, it’d be great to meet up with people! Let me know if you want to set anything up 🙂


UPCOMING!Jubilee Conference 2010 02/19/10 – 02/21/10 Pittsburgh, PA
UPCOMING!Skepchicamp 03/06/10 Chicago, IL
UPCOMING!University of Illinois 03/12/10 Champaign, IL
UPCOMING!Syracuse University 03/31/10 Syracuse, NY
UPCOMING!University of Minnesota 04/01/10 Minneapolis, MN

The Jubilee Conference 2010 is a Christian conference, but I’ll have free time galore in the city of Pittsburgh.


Tentative!Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 03/30/10 Troy, NY
Tentative!American Humanist Association Conference 06/03/10 – 06/06/10 San Jose, CA
Tentative!Beloit College TBA Beloit, WI
Tentative!UCLA TBA Los Angeles, CA

I would really like to go to:

Italy (University?) Anytime, 2010 Italy City, Italy

You invite me and pay for the trip and I’m *so* there.

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  • Siamang

    Let me know the UCLA date Hemant! I’d love to meet you in person!

  • ooo, you should look up the Steel City Skeptics if you have free time in Pittsburgh.

    And DEFINITELY check out Church Brew Works (former church turned microbrewery)

  • cj

    if you plan anything outside of the jubilee conference while you’re in pittsburgh, let us know. would be cool to hang out for a bit if you’re gonna be in town for a couple days.

    good luck on your travels.

  • Becky

    U of I?? Sweet. I’ll try to make it!

  • How would you like to come to Fayetteville, Arkansas. There are at least two, maybe three freethought groups that might be able to pay for a plane ticket. I’ll bring it up at the next meetings.

  • Nice, my alma mater, the University of Minnesota (Unfortunately for me I’ll be on the east coast that week, should be a good crowd though).

  • Richard Wade

    Man, I wish I could help you at the Jubilee Conference. I’d love to speak for peace. That Jonathan Weyer looks like an interesting person. I am supposing he’ll be on your panel.

    One suggestion: Just before the question and answer part is about to begin, go ahead and assertively ask the audience to only ask information-seeking questions instead of long speeches disguised as questions, as happened during a recent similar panel you had to endure. Then when somebody tries to soapbox anyway, feel fully justified in asking them to stop. If I were in the audience, even if I agreed with what the person was saying, I didn’t come there to hear him pontificate, I came there to hear the panel. Neither the panelists nor the audience should have to suffer through that kind of abuse.

    I’ll see you and Siamang at UCLA!

  • Christine

    When are you ever coming to St. Louis? You would make at least 2 atheists very very happy!

  • Hugh Kramer

    I’ll see you at UCLA too. And, if you’re going to be at Atheists United’s meeting in L.A. (as someone told me at the last meeting), I’ll see you there too.

  • Carlie

    Awesome! I sent you a message on Facebook.

  • Edmond

    Why does Seattle always get tossed in the trash when west coast cities get tallied up?

  • muggle

    I don’t know if I could make it or not (depends on getting a ride and not babysitting that night) but I really, really hope you make it to RPI in Troy.

  • Takma’rierah

    Oooh, if you come to Beloit I am so there!

  • ZombieGirl

    Pleeeeaaase visit UC Berkeley!!!
    We have an awesome atheist/secular student group (SANE) and we recently hosted a PZ Myers lecture which had a pretty great turnout.

  • Pleeeeaaase visit UC Berkeley!!!

    For anyone who wants me to visit, just email me and we’ll see if we can work something out. Usually, if the school can pay for the flight, I’m there.

  • HP

    Italy City is fantastic! You’ll love it. Especially if you go during The Season.

  • Bill

    Pittsburgh reader here. We have great ethnic restaurants, museums (everything from Andy Warhol to Trolleys), a wonderful Aviary, Zoo and Aquarium, interesting architecture (two notable Frank Lloyd Wright homes) and wonderful hiking and biking trails. I’d love to show them off!

  • sophia

    ffffffffuuuu- wednesdays i have my fetal anomalies class. and i’m 2.5 hours away from syracuse. maybe my boyfriend will be able to go or something, he lives in syracuse.

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