Wyoming School Board Says “No” to “No Place for Hate” Posters January 31, 2010

Wyoming School Board Says “No” to “No Place for Hate” Posters

Take a look at this sign:

You see the problem with it?

Apparently, it teaches kids that gay marriage is great and the “traditional” family structure needs to be broken down (?!?!)

And if you don’t see that, then you might be wondering (as I do) why those signs were taken down from schools in Platte County School District 1 in Wheatland, Wyoming:

One of the sponsors listed on the banner is the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado. Wheatland board members and parents took issue with that, according to the district.

“The board thought it was inappropriate to have that sponsorship hanging up in the school,” said Stuart Nelson, the district’s superintendent.

The banners, which had been allowed by district administrators, were removed after complaints. Some students asked to have them put back up, but the board refused.

Board member Lee Dunham said Wheatland is an “ultraconservative community” and that he has feelings about including the fund on the banner. He said the district isn’t ready to include that group.

“If this is the way one chooses, then they can lead this particular lifestyle, but I don’t believe it needs to be publicly displayed in a school,” Dunham said.

You know what? If a Christian group wants to sponsor a poster that says “No Place For Hate,” I’d be fine with it. In fact, I’d be thrilled to see it. Have all religious and secular groups join in on that.

The sad thing is that the Christians are making the argument that they should be allowed to pick on gay people and how *dare* anyone try to discourage them from doing it.

Joe Fabian, another board member, said he believes the Anti-Defamation League is pushing an “agenda that is pro-gay marriage” and that the community of Wheatland is not supportive of that.

“They wouldn’t want the organization, the Anti-Defamation League, dictating to their children that an alternate lifestyle is a normal lifestyle,” he said.

Fabian blamed school administrators for allowing the banners without board approval. He implied students who were not supportive of the banner suffered discrimination.

He spoke of a “moral attitude by the community” and indoctrination of students.

“I don’t believe (homosexuality) is a normal lifestyle, but I don’t have anything against them,” he said.

Right… and I don’t believe Christians can think for themselves, and I think they just follow any loud man who carries a Bible, and I think they are blissfully proud of their ignorance about scientific reality… but I don’t have anything against them, either.

What would be inspiring here is for students in that district to speak up against the school board. Make Facebook pages denouncing their decision. Write letters-to-the-editor. Tell local news stations how you feel. Print out the ADL posters and put them on your locker in protest. Give the school the bad press it deserves. Make the school board members have to defend their idiotic actions. Then encourage voters to get rid of them in the next election.

What would be even more inspiring is if Christian students who understand what I’m so upset about would join in and call out the school board members for being embarrassments to their faith.

This is why many Christians lose my respect so quickly. They talk about how their faith makes them better people.

God makes them so “good,” in fact, they’re willing to let GLBT students continue to be bullied for who they are and do absolutely nothing to stop it. That’s Christianity for you.

(Thanks to Joshua for the link!)

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  • Hemant,
    The school that took down the banners was in Wheatland, about 70 miles from where I currently reside.

  • Cerus — Fixed. Thanks!

  • DGKnipfer

    AAAAaarrrgggghhhh!!!! The ignorant stupid bigotry burns!!!! I just wish Jebus would show up and tell them what idiots they are. But then, they haven’t been listening to him for 2000 years, why would the Fungamental Chirstofasists start now.

  • JD

    Unfortunately, the loudest supposedly Christian voice is an exercise in special pleading and double standards. Not that they’re likely to ever understand that, being as closed minded as the Pharisees of Jesus’ day. They might claim otherwise, but the prevailing conservative Christian message isn’t about love. SC Gov. Sanford even used her husband’s infidelity as an excuse to lash out at gays rather than blame Mark Sanford for Mark Sanford’s own deeds.

  • Why should anyone be surprised. Christian groups have a long tradition of intolerance and hate. Today, atheists have much of the focus of that intolerance. That doesn’t mean they have none left for gays and others, though.

    Intolerance, discrimination, and despicable behavior are never in short supply with the religious reich. There’s enough there for everyone.

  • littlejohn

    At least the xians are being honest. They’re pushing the pro-hate agenda. Glory!

  • Their much touted professing of “Christian love” is thus proven to be false… again.

    Hate is part of Christian doctrine. Hate of other beliefs or no belief. Hate of reason and science. Hate of secular knowledge. Hate your family member if they are apostates(per Jesus). That they openly endorse hate of gays is no surprise.

    At least no one can say they aren’t consistantly hateful.

  • Christians get to pour millions of dollars into California to influence their elections, but people rejecting hate can’t send posters to Wyoming?

    Well, looks like they have room for both hate and hypocrisy.

  • While the reasons for rejecting ADL’s No Place for Hate campaign are absrud in this case, there are other more valid reasons to reject the campaign, including the ADL’s continued support of Armenian Genocide denial.

    In Massachusetts, a number of town and cities have rejected the campaign because of the ADL’s stance on the Armenian Genocide.

    For more information, you can visit: http://www.noplacefordenial.com/

  • Fritzy

    State it simply: These people are opposed to posters against hate–clearly they are at the very least, tolerant of hatred towards their fellow humans. There is no way for them to argue otherwise.

    My favorite quote is from Fabian: “I don’t believe (homosexuality) is a normal lifestyle, but I don’t have anything against them,” he said.

    You can’t have it both ways–you have stated that a whole class of people have an abnormal lifestyle, therefore you most certainly do have something against them. I find the beliefs held by Christians such as Mr. Fabian detestable. I have something against them. See Mr. Fabian–it’s not that difficult to be honest with yourself.

    The cracks and crevices that folks such as this can insert their hatred are shrinking fast and they know it–it’s really only a matter of time and reasonable people shining light on this type of disgraceful attitude.

  • I agree with them taking down the banner, but not for the same reasons. It is a blatant false advertisement. Wheatland is a place for hate. It’s all very Orwellian. Their God is all loving, but hates everything people do. So Fundy Christians love, by hating everything.

    War is love

  • Sounds like somebody needed to read the posters. They’re making places for hate.

  • sli

    Perhaps they’re prefer “A PLACE FOR HATE” posters?

  • Christophe Thill

    Those people can’t be allowed to disrespect hate ! Can they ?

  • i still wonder why 14 years after the results of research that showed sexual orientation was inborn people still see the need to.. hmm cant articulate my thoughts properly today so ill just use somwat more school yard langauge heh to be rather mean and nasty (to put it in a very understated way) then again.. there’s still a group out there that teaches that the world is flat and that the ISS (international space station) and satilites are just lies and make belive ahh i wish i could still find their website (and yes im aware of the irony of them having a website :P) back on point though im quite happy with my ‘abnormal lifestyle’ as is my partner of 9 years ^_^ spread the love! (ahh i gotta stop drinking pepsi early in the morning >.< caffine make JB hyper)

  • Claudia

    Well, it makes sense that they took the signs down. With all that double-talk about lifestyles and recruiting of children into the “lifestyle”, the adults are sending a clear message to all the students, especially the gay ones:

    “This school IS a Place for Hate”, so stay in your closet if you know what’s good for you, faggot.

  • Fentwin

    I like how they imply that one’s orientation is a deliberate choice.

    I find it ironic that they are blind to the fact that they are the ones who have actually made a conscious choice to live their bigoted lifestyle.

  • @Fentwin

    hehe you know ive never thought about it that way before, ill have to steal that 1 from you to use in future ^_^

  • So how messed up is Christianity? Jesus says to love the sinner (while they are alive) but He then changes tune after the sinner dies and supposedly condemns the unrepentant sinners to hell for all eternity. Not a lot of love there… Perhaps Christians are just following Jesus’ example for how He supposedly treats people in the afterlife. They are just helping Jesus out by getting things started early for Him. Christ servants.

  • Foole

    I think the best response would be for the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado to sponsor banners from pro-Christian groups.

  • Gwenny

    I guess they can’t admit they also hate the Jews . . . the ADL would crucify them for that.

  • Roista

    Suggested signs to display on student lockers:

    “This school is a place to hate.”

    or “This school supports hate”.

    “We support the Christian right to hate”

  • Loves To Spooge

    They wouldn’t want the organization, the Anti-Defamation League, dictating to their children that an alternate lifestyle is a normal lifestyle,”

    I can’t believe that he actually thinks that this is an ok thing to say.

  • Awesome Bill from Dawsonville

    Does anyone in Wyoming remember Matthew Shepard. For F**ks sake you would have thought they would have learned their lesson.This just proves that going to church make’s you as christian as sitting in a garage make’s you a car.

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