Ronald Reagan to Replace the Devil? January 31, 2010

Ronald Reagan to Replace the Devil?

A man in Contra Costa County, California has a problem with the name of local peak Mount Diablo. He’s a Christian (you’re amazed, I know) and he has a suggestion for an alternate name: Mount Reagan.

[Arthur] Mijares, a devout Christian, says he believes the word “Diablo” — Spanish for “devil” — is “derogatory and profane,” according to the federal board report. Mijares was unavailable for comment Thursday.

In 2005, he attempted to change the name to Mount Reagan, but the board, citing its Commemorative Naming Policy, told him the late president needed to be dead for at least five years before receiving such an honor. The former California governor died June 5, 2004.

Mijares argued that the devil, or “diablo,” was a “living person” so that name should also be prohibited. He eventually settled on three alternative options: Mount Yahweh, Mount Miwok or Mount Ohlone.

By Mijares’ logic, does that mean Yahweh is dead?

This all just shows me that even when all is calm, fundies will do anything to stir up trouble where none exists.

(Thanks to Lauren for the link!)

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  • littlejohn

    Wait a minute! Ronald: six letters. Wilson: six letters. Reagan: six letters. He’s the anti-christ!

  • From wikipedia: USS_Diablo_(SS-479)

    USS Diablo (SS/AGSS-479), a Tench-class submarine, was the only ship of the United States Navy to be named for the diablo, a member of the batfish family, common in the West Indies and along the southern coast of the United states.

    Mijares can calm down now.

  • Ron in Houston

    Wow! Littlejohn figured it out. And Reagan always seems like such a nice guy.

  • JJR

    How about Mount Nixon?

  • Valdyr

    For some reason, this reminds me of the time a placename in Texas–Dead Nigger Creek–was asked to be renamed something less offensive…

    They went with “Dead Negro Creek”.

  • JD

    As far as I’ve found, it’s just one guy. I haven’t seen a ground swell of support, or any kind support whatsoever, so it’s not going to happen.

  • runawayuniverse

    I used to live in Antioch and had a great view of Mt. Diablo growing up.

    What I want to know, is if Arthur needed emergency care, would he would refuse treatment at Mt. Diablo hospital because of the name?

  • What does this guy think of the Tetons?

  • Colin

    Nietzsche? Is that you?

  • Todd

    @Valdyr: I’m surprised they didn’t change it to Dead Nigger Brook.

    Ooph, I can’t even stand typing that.

  • anothermike

    Mount Darwin? Mount Dawkins? etc.

  • Jack

    they’re at it again

    they tried this six years ago too

  • Going back to Native American names seems common.

    Yaweh is from the Hebrew bible. Maybe he thinks there aren’t any Jews?

  • Jamie

    Thanks for making sure that the word Diablo itself doesn’t have any power to seduce young minds and recruit for Satan.

  • muggle

    Geeze, Louise, somebody needs a life. I’m surprised some Protestant hasn’t gone on a campaign to change everything that starts with St.

    I say if they change Mount Diablo, it’s a given that they also have to change Los Angeles.

  • gwen

    I live near Mt Diablo, and enjoy hiking there. It is a very beautiful little mountain. These wackaloons have tried this before and gotten nowhere. I doubt they will accomplish anything other than ridicule this time as well.

  • “Mount Nixon”

  • STM

    Y’know the people who named Mt. Diablo were almost certainly Spanish missionaries… Not exactly satanists, those guys…

  • NewEnglandBob

    The name Ronald Reagan is derogatory and profane in my book.

  • Apsalar

    I mentioned this to my husband, and he said “It’s like Tim Tebow’s Pass. It’s goes nowhere.” Hah!

  • im just thinking by the logic employed by that guy, should the kill devil hills be renamed aswel? haha

  • Hey dumbass Mijares, even if you accept that the Devil does exist, the use of his name is neither derogatory nor profane. Get over yourself.

  • oo you tell ‘im Slugsie you cheeky devil (sry i couldnt resist :D)

  • Johnny Blade

    This isn’t a “fundie” issue its an idiot issue.. plenty of idiots are atheists as well.
    On a related note, I am outraged he is offended. Mine trumps I win.. leave the name alone.

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