I’m Happy! Oh Wait… January 29, 2010

I’m Happy! Oh Wait…

Reader Jeff recently got some good news about a job interview and, since he was sitting at his computer, he decided to celebrate by typing “I’m happy” into his search bar.

It turns out imhappy.com takes you somewhere that will bring you back down pretty quickly…

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  • Eliza

    Actually, that gave me a good laugh. All the usual Christian nonsense, then New World Order conspiracy theories and this brilliant line about evolution: “‘Wet dirt’ NEVER turned into a flamingo by accident!” I’m fairly happy knowing I’ll never be quite as stupid and furious as fundamentalists.

  • Deiloh

    I laughed. Sometimes Christian nonsense is just not enough to ruin my day.

  • Ryan

    Bahahaha, wow – no joke! But I have to agree with other posts, it definitely gave me a laugh.

    @Eliza – well said, well said.

  • littlejohn

    I loved their list of “arguments we should not use.” At least they’ve figured out they’re wrong about a few things, or at least likely to be slaughtered in a debate.

  • Eliza

    Did you guys actually read the Q&A page? Did you know feminism is a lie directed at the family, and that no woman wants to be responsible for herself the way feminists have to be?

    How do people honestly believe such things?

  • I’m actually more offended by the site design than the Christo-nonsense. I thought Geocities shut down?

  • Eliza: I couldn’t FIND the Q&A pages it’s so badly designed.

  • I couldn’t read it – I was too busy waiting for the copy to start scrolling up the page like in the beginning of the Star Wars movies.


    Don’t believe in a false god. Don’t believe that there is NO god. Reject the degrading ‘theory of evolution’ ($250,000 prize if anyone can prove it). ‘Wet dirt’ NEVER turned into a flamingo by accident! It is a cruel, God rejecting, easily disproved lie. God designed you. Jesus Christ came to save us from our sins. He rose from the grave and now lives forever. Seek His forgiveness. Seek eternal life. Humbly seek Him through His Word, the Bible.

    Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah!

    I still want to know what they think evolution has to do with my rejection of their silly religion. I rejected their religion because it’s absurd. That flamingo argument is just stupid. Where did they get that one?

    BTW, I have read the bible … twice.

    Hey! I googled wet dirt flamingo and the top result was a NSFW erotic story. Check it out. A much better read than the Jesus page.

  • Oh, dear, WHY did I click the link?!

  • Bill

    The wet dirt/flamingo line brought a smile to my cynical atheist lips. Mind you, I’m half a bottle of wine down.

  • Wayne Dunlap

    Well, I hope all you SAD godless atheists finally found happiness in Jesus. Hallelujah! Thank you Cheezas!!! 🙂

  • Dave


  • I guess the web designers put the stars on the page for the same reason that they believe that God put the stars (and countless galaxies) in the heavens… for our amusement.

  • SmilingAtheist

    I wonder about that $250,000. Is it you have to prove that flamingos came from wet dirt or just prove evolution? The issue here of course is what proof do they want? There’s tonnes of proof of evolution except they don’t want to accept it or can’t. Not sure. Would be good to get that money for something useful, like donating it to Hati or some secular charity.

  • Maakuz

    I think they refer to the $250,000 challenge by Hello my name is Kent Hovind.
    Also I heard the challenge is constructed so that in order to prove evolution, one has to be able to disprove reality or something similar, so no-one is winning the money. The dudes is jail anyway.

  • Jim H

    @Robert Madewell: As of right now, if you google “wet dirt flamingo”, the top hit is this post. Something to be happy about, I guess…

  • How pious of them. Are they claiming to know how their god made a species? It’s not like Genesis goes into great detail about the flamingo recipe. How do they know it wasn’t an accident? Their god is too complex to exist, but if he does, who is to say that he doesn’t have a sense of humor? If he did make a mistake on a species, he couldn’t destroy it, that would be murder… we all know their god is against that. Come on, tall, lanky, pink birds, whose legs bend backwards… who would do that on purpose?

    But then again I guess we are talking about folks who truly believe one man with ancient tools built a boat/raft big enough to house two of each species and the food they require for what, like, 80 days or so.

    It’s funny, but honestly kinda sad at the same time.

    Oh, and the Bible is a poorly written, horribly sad and depressing book. Why do they keep pushing it on people?

  • Flah

    I’m surprised no one has pointed out his wet dirt flamingo hypocrisy: Gen 2.7 says “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground”. Sounds like wet dirt to me, literal and King James version to boot. How small is your god if he couldn’t make a flamingo out of wet dirt? But that would require the folks behind the site to think, wouldn’t it, and obviously that’s not allowed.

  • Staceyjw

    We probably gave the site more hits today than it had since it was put up, let’s not help them! (It is funny though)

  • CelticWhisper

    Hey godboy, 1996 called and they want their Angelfire pages back. Ugh, those colors…

  • Derek


    As a Christian, I feel I must apologize profusely to … well, everyone. And Hemant, seriously, linking that was really uncalled for. Cruel and unusual punishment and all that…

  • WK

    There really should be some type of web design class for fundies. When you give your lives to Christ your sense of taste doesn’t have to go out the window.

  • What even funnier is that they have this page translated into several languages. I translated it into Italian then when I tried to translate it back to english, there’s no english in the list! That is halarious!

  • muggle

    “When you give your lives to Christ your sense of taste doesn’t have to go out the window.”

    That’s arguable. And this page would be my first evidence presented.

    Not that I have taste. Hey, kittens are cute. You have a problem with that?

  • WK


    I think maybe that will be a side job for me: web designer for crazy religious people. I’ll take the insane ideas and organize them by topic, put it on a website in more than one page, won’t embed annoying midi songs, have a navigable site map, refrain from marquees or blinking text, and get my clip art from corbis or istockphoto as opposed to CDs found in the dollar store.

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