Can This Be the SafePan Mascot? January 27, 2010

Can This Be the SafePan Mascot?

SafePan is a cooking pan made without the “non-stick coatings made from toxic chemicals”:

In light of recent findings on potential hazards of PFOA and PTFE (chemicals used to make conventional non-stick coatings) to our health and to our environment, SafePan has totally committed ourselves in making the best Eco-Friendly non-stick pans that are both safe to our health and to our environment. SafePan [uses]… nonstick coating derived from natural ceramics to produce our nonstick pans. We hope you love our pans and wish you many happy cooking experiences and wonderful health.

I don’t really care about any of that.

I just like the picture at the bottom of their homepage:

He has the SafePan! The baby is safe!

Or is he…? (Om nom nom?)

(Thanks to JB for the link!)

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  • CatBallou

    Cute. But I’m more intrigued by the ad for “pilgrimages to the Holy Land” that appears at the top of the page. Maybe you should filter those out? Or not. Your call.

  • littlejohn

    And if the company claims are to be believed, the baby should be entirely safe to eat after it’s cooked! Yum. Baby.

  • Meg McG

    I was at my in-laws house and wanted to show them your site because they are ALWAYS VERY CONCERNED ABOUT THE SAFETY OF THE CHIIIILLDRRREENNN!!
    However I ran into a snag.
    My FIL keeps his internet security locked down tight (even though he’s the only who uses it) and your website, got BLOCKED because it’s listed by Trend Micro Security as Cult/Occult! I just had to laugh. I took a crappy picture of the screen with my camera if you want me to send it you.
    Thanks for the great blog.

  • Richard P

    “more intrigued by the ad for “pilgrimages to the Holy Land” that appears at the top of the page. Maybe you should filter those out?”

    If you use firefox web browser and the adblock add-on you will never see the ads. Then you can spend less time being intrigued and more time reading…

  • The Vicar

    I’d almost be willing to bet cash that the SafePan nonstick coating turns out to be toxic (probably carcinogenic) within five years.

    I get the same feeling from their claims as I got from DEET. I remember a specific trip to the grocery store on which I was looking at an insect repellant can which had this cheerful shpiel about how DEET was safe and non-toxic and the best chemical to use to repel insects, and I thought to myself, “this is going to turn out to be toxic. Soon.” And one year later, DEET is considered toxic and all the DEET-based bug sprays have vanished from that same store.

  • littlejohn

    @The Vicar: Reminds me of the movie “Sleeper,” in which Woody Allen awakens in the future and is encouraged to smoke a cigarette, since science has determined they’re good for you.

  • stogoe

    Does that baby have a mullet?

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