A Christian’s Clearest Thoughts About God January 23, 2010

A Christian’s Clearest Thoughts About God

What are your thoughts about god?

David Hayward shows us a Christian’s “clearest thoughts about god“:

Funny, I think I feel the same way…

(via nakedpastor)

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  • Interesting that he looks sad to be unable to have clear thoughts about God.

  • The adds that run in your RSS feed as seen by Google Reader are pretty funny. The one with this post is for a trip to Israel to find your christian roots.

  • @MikeTheInfidel: When most people are quite content with not thinking about God? Yeah, I agree.

  • Amy G

    I don’t really think about God much. Obviously, the concept of God comes up a lot because it’s everywhere. However, I think of God in the same way that I think about superstitions… sure, when a black cat walks by me, I remember that lots of people think that’s bad luck, but I still think it’s silly.

  • fritzy

    My thoughts about god(s) became much clearer after I became an atheist.

  • But God is all in the mind. Surely?

  • duhsciple

    Actually, the thought bubble is not empty. I see a crucified man betrayed, denied, and abandoned by his followers. The guy never amounted to much. And his kingdom ended with a whimper. But in that suffering, weak, despised One I see God. Then something happened called Resurrection.

    Yet as a Christian I deny the Resurrection of Christ by…

    not feeding the hungry

    getting into stupid arguments with Pat Robertson

    lashing out against my enemies instead of loving them

    acting like being a Christian is a privilege that makes me better than others, yeah, right, duh!

    worrying about whether people “believe” the same way I do, as if I need others to go along with me otherwise my faith my crumble apart

    So, in fact, the situation is worse than the empty bubble. Because there is a crucified man in the bubble. How foolish is that!

    I am learning not to be threatened by others who “believe” differently. And I really appreciate the “friendly ones” who believe differently. Peace!

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