Creationists are Worms January 20, 2010

Creationists are Worms

This Rubes cartoon is all a big metaphor…

The Creationists can try all they want, but the theory of evolution will win every time.

(Thanks to Ross for the link!)

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  • So there’s talking worms now, and if evolution holds true, the most clever of worms should be able to convince the other worms to fight the fish.

    Am I accurate?
    .-= Tyler in SoCal´s last blog ..Plowing Opportunities (Updated) =-.

  • andrew

    Funny, yet so sad that we have to do the convincing….

  • Valdyr

    The title of this posting is begging for a creationist quote mine. Something like:

    “Dangerously foreign-sounding atheist school teacher Hemant Mehta, who once made a blog post titled “Creationists are Worms””…

  • British Cat

    Want to hear something ironic? There is an ad for Dianetics right above this very post making fun of the religious!

  • Jeff Smith

    @ British Cat

    I always love to look at the ads that pop up. Right now I’m seeing one for a website that sells “Teach the Controversy” t-shirts.

  • Jeff Smith

    Ah, small correction. I now see that the “Teach the Controversy” website t-shirts are parody.

  • Luther

    A fish out of water is like a person without reason

  • That’s a very cute cartoon

  • Grass only shows up in the fossil record about 67 million years ago, in the form of phyoliths (small silica flecks in grass that make it difficult to digest) found in fossilized dinosaur dung.

    If soft-bodied arthropods and slug-like animals (represented by the worms in the cartoon) visited the land as far back as 510 million years ago they would not have found grass. Nor would the later pelagic lobe-finned fish like Eusthenopteron who made it to land around 380 million years ago.

    This cartoon is inaccurate.

    Oh and the worms are talking…in English. As everyone knows, the word “evolution” was not used in the context of descent with modifications until Origin of Species was published in 1859.

    What I think is represented here is not an historically accurate portrayal of evolutionary events but a modern day conversation between modern English worms and mud skippers. The worms have been genetically modified and converted to creationist believing Christianity (they don’t have brains really) which is an indicator of the power of the meme to supplant evidence based thinking despite the advances that science offers.

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