Atheist Ferrets? January 20, 2010

Atheist Ferrets?

These pictures are in need of captions. I’m sure someone can take care of that…

(Thanks to Hillary for the links!)

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  • Those are some great pictures! I need to pull those books off the bookshelf, grab the bunnies and a camera when I get home.

  • Unfortunately, using weasle-like animals to reprsent atheists is probably not the best way to go.

  • cathy

    Am I the only one whose mind immediately went to the ferrets from Beastmaster? Once again, Kodo will battle the priest! Only this time, he’ll use the pen rather than the sword…err make that the teeth.


    Yeah, I know. Wrong Dawkins book.

  • The Rodent Delusion: That ferrets are cute. (Seriously, they’re ALL ONE SHAPE. How is that not creepy?)

  • turkey

    picture 1: “I can’t read. I’m a ferret.”

    picture 2: “I don’t even know what this thing is.”

  • Mikey

    So easy, a ferret can get it.

  • Staceyjw

    THANK YOU for combining my two favorite things- ferrets and atheism!
    The ferret in the pic was thinking about how he was going to get the book into his hidey hole- every ferret steals stuff and hides it, even really big stuff like my computer bag!

    Jesters of the animal kingdom, indeed!

    I love the pics, and I think ferrets are super cute. I have one and he is adorable, and funny.

  • Silver

    I think the first one should be “Ohhh! Shiny! *steal*”. The second one looks like he’s saying “This, human, is where your species was domesticated by us. You don’t need to know about anything else.”

  • medussa

    Obviously, the first ferret is saying “I LOVE me some Richard Dawkins”, and the second ferret is doing something somewhat obscene to the near human…

  • In ur base…readin’ ur books.

    The Internet is not made of cats. It is made of ferrets.

  • Nicky

    The most obvious one to me is something to the effect of “ferreting out the truth”.

  • Lyra

    For the second one, the question springs to mind: “If ferrets evolved from weasels, why are there still weasels???” Answer that one, smarty-pants.

  • That a ferret can read, let alone select Dawkins as a favorite author is amazing. This is clear evidence of evolution. Take that Discovery Institute!
    .-= SeanG´s last blog ..The Future You Were Waiting For part 2 =-.

  • alex

    Please don’t judge too harshly.

    Hmmm… Do I smell Atheism?


    The Evolved Ferret is tired of your ridiculous creationist claims.

    I like Darwin. He gives me a perspective.

    I evolved. Did you?

  • Jamie

    Erudite Ferret, if you’re familiar, needs these added to their collection.

    “The Evolved Ferret is tired of your ridiculous creationist claims.” (from Alex)

    “Dawkins, you glorious bastard! You’ve just spawned ‘The Ceiling Cat Delusion.'” (me)

  • This is so like my cat!
    I have him on LOLCATZ, with The God Delusion AND Your religion is false

  • And the caption should be
    “You don’t have to ferret out the truth, just read a lot and be logical”
    .-= Allytude´s last blog .. =-.

  • nick

    twaddleoranything – ferrets aren’t rodents. We’re actually more closely related to rodents than ferrets are. Just thought you might like to know.

  • It is amazing what happens when you google two unreleated words. Top of the search is one of my favorite blogs with a post containing ferrets. Some of the proposed captions were too funny – I’ve been literally laughing out loud. Stacey, I agree! Twaddle, ferrets are not rodents. Hemant, thanks for making my morning!

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