You Can Comment Now January 18, 2010

You Can Comment Now

The server may still act up for a bit and run slowly, but feel free to resume commenting.

A new system will likely be put in place next weekend (with threaded comments)!

Thanks as always for reading.

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It’s Moving Day for the Friendly ..."

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  • J Myers

    Threaded comments? Ugh.

  • Stephen P

    It is decidedly slow at the moment. I had masses of time to think up a witty incisive comment – but still failed miserably.

  • congrats on the changes!

  • NewEnglandBob

    Yes, the server is still S L O W.

    (CommentLub Enabled) ??? what is that? Are we becoming a cult here? 🙂

  • muggle

    Ok, but what exactly is this bad juju just happened thing I keep getting? (I’m afraid to find out what actually happens if I click on the red arrow.)

    Okay, tried it and it just brought me back to the thread. ???

  • muggle

    Oh, and I agree with J Meyers. Threaded comments are a pain in the ass. Ugh!

  • muggle

    And it’s still not letting me edit! So all I can say is sorry for the extra e, J Myers.

  • Please no threaded comments!

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