Secular Coalition for America’s Sean Faircloth Visiting Chicago January 18, 2010

Secular Coalition for America’s Sean Faircloth Visiting Chicago

The Secular Coalition for America‘s executive director Sean Faircloth will be speaking in Chicago at the end of the month at a meeting of the Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago.

The Secular Coalition for America lobbies for secular policies in Washington, D.C. Secular Coalition Executive Director Sean Faircloth will discuss how the values of our nation’s founders directly connect to the values of the secular movement and how theocratically-based injustices in American law are not a historical artifact — but rather a stark current reality that we all have a moral obligation to address.

Details can be found here.

If you haven’t met Sean yet and you live nearby, this is a great opportunity to meet the man whose organization represents us in DC. (Just fyi, I’m a board member of SCA.)

If Chicago doesn’t work for you, Sean’s travel schedule can be found here. He’s visiting California and New York in the near future.

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  • Christine

    Liar! It’s in Skokie, not Chicago! 😉

    Actually, that is relatively close to where I live. Maybe I’ll put forth the effort to actually get out and interact with other people rather than just type at them.

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