Site Update January 17, 2010

Site Update

Hi everyone. We’re moving the site to a new server and revamping the comment threads.

Please forgive any site delays over the next 24 hours… and you may want to refrain from commenting at least through tomorrow as we switch over to the new system!

If you don’t see your comments from old threads, don’t worry. They’ll be back shortly!

I’ll let you know when we’re back to normal again.

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  • Sobex

    I figured a totally random comment would be appropriate for this topic, seeing as it might not make it thru anyway.

    I was watching the NY Jets postgame show on the SNY network and heard something interesting. One of the commentators, Ray Lewis, said "I swear … to goodness" that such-and-such event was going to happen. What he said afterwards I forgot becuase I was struck by the quite noticeable 1-2 second pause between "I swear" and "to goodness", as if he was going to say one thing and chose to say something else. Is Ray a freethinker in disguise? I only made a cursory search about his beliefs and could not find any information. I just thought that was odd, given all the seemingly obligatory god references in most sports commentary.

    Anyway, hope the site update works 😉

  • Elis

    My therapist said is was okay to comment since your wording to refrain from commenting is a actually a de facto invitation to comment.

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