Virginia’s New Governor: Friends with Pat Robertson January 16, 2010

Virginia’s New Governor: Friends with Pat Robertson

In the post-Tim Kaine era, Virginians elected Bob McDonnell to be their next governor. He’s not just a Republican; he’s a Republican with deep ties to Pat Robertson:

… Robertson’s connections to McDonnell extend back decades to when McDonnell earned a degree from Robertson’s Regent University School of Law with a 1989 thesis on putting Religious Right dogma into law. Soon thereafter, McDonnell won his first elective office with the backing of the Christian Coalition, which was founded by Robertson. More recently Robertson and his family members donated tens of thousands of dollars to McDonnell’s 2009 gubernatorial campaign, and tomorrow, Robertson will be at McDonnell’s inauguration.

Looks like the ACLU of Virginia and church/state separation groups have their work cut out for them for a little while. Just keep tabs on what McDonnell does and be ready to pounce.

(Thanks to Laramie for the link!)

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  • Lucky me. Oh to be living is back asswards Virginia. We were so close and now are so far….. *sigh*

  • ursulamajor

    Same here Meredith. I had such hopes for our state. We’ll have to stay on our toes and be prepared to raise a ruckus.

  • So if a hurricane demolishes coastal VA next fall, what will Robertson blame it on? (If they’d elected the other guy, we know what the answer would be).

  • Brandon

    “Virginia is for lovers. No gays allowed.” Is he gonna make something like that their catch phrase?

  • I would hope McDonnell would uninvite Robertson considering how upset even Christians are with the comment.

  • llewelly

    Sounds like a deal with the Devil. Virginia will be cursed with desperate poverty, hurricanes, and earthquakes forever. It will be one bad thing after another. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Potomac, Maryland will be prosperous, healthy, and full of resorts.

  • Ubi Dubium

    Here we were scrounging for every campaign contribution for Deeds, from people who work for their money, and creepwads like Robertson have tens of thousands to contribute to McDonnell. Sometimes I wish that I could lower myself to act like Robertson does and make myself rich at the expense of those Virginians dim enough to fall for it. Having a personal code of ethics really gets in the way sometimes!

    On the bright side, we just managed to elect a new State Senator in a special election in Northern Virginia. His opponent had previously been kicked off the school board for trying to push his anti-gay agenda and writing to school principals as if his opinions were official school board policy. So we are breathing a sigh of relief that we have kept him out of office this time.

    I’m torn on wanting McDonnell to un-invite Robertson to inauguration. He makes Virginia look bad if he lets him come. But he also makes himself look bad. Even though Virginia Governors can’t run for re-election, they often run for US Senate, and it would be nice to have that to hold against him later.

  • God damn, this has come around to bite us square on the rump. Poor Virginia, there is no Santa Claus, just a governor with an idiot coming to his inauguration.

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