Atheist Fundraiser Happening Right Now! January 16, 2010

Atheist Fundraiser Happening Right Now!

My friend Ashley runs a campus atheist group at The Ohio State University and they’re doing a fundraiser tonight to help a couple different groups:

One is my local student group, Students for Freethought, who is trying to raise money to send atheist and Christian kids down to New Orleans to re-build houses. Once we have met our goal, the remaining funds we’re trying to raise is for an organization called Common Ground, that also does hurricane relief work in the gulf region.

To make the fundraising happen, Ashley and others are talking to super-fun atheists on BlogTV. PZ is on right now. I’ll be on at 10:00 ET. Come join us!

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  • bigjohn756

    Hemant, who is the blond girl? You need to marry that girl immediately! She is one of the most brilliantly appealing young women in existence! Handsome, dimples, bright smile, intelligent…what more could anyone ask for? I don’t qualify or you would be in trouble.

  • That would be the always awesome Ashley 🙂

  • DrFrink

    I donated! It was great until some nutter took over the show to vent his personal drama at around midnight.

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