The Original Front Hug January 15, 2010

The Original Front Hug

Who needs a Christian Side Hug when you can have an Original Front Hug?

There’s no real video here — it’s just an amusing (NSFW) song to listen to 🙂

Umm… I don’t really want to hug the singer now. But the rest of you will do just fine.

(Thanks to Richard for the link!)

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  • what the hell!! lol

  • Spurs Fan

    Well, that’s just clever.

  • Ross

    The ending is priceless lol

  • Deltabob

    Fantastic! It’s funny that the side hug is only recently getting attention; at the church I attended as a kid, the side hug was in wide use.

  • Charlotte


  • Bud

    I’ll say it too: the ending makes the whole song worth listening to.

  • WK

    So going on my ipod.

  • muggle

    You hug him; I don’t want him.

    So glad I’m not ZomGitCriss right now.

  • Sly_cardinal

    And if the side hug is still too much physical contact, there’s always the Air Slap:

    Note: Ending is NSWF

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