Pat Robertson in Chart Form January 15, 2010

Pat Robertson in Chart Form

This pretty much sums it up:

I wonder what the unit for “stupidity of theological explanations” is…

(via nakedpastor)

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  • Revyloution

    I wonder what the unit for “stupidity of theological explanations” is…

    Its the number of second you sit in stupefied silence wondering if he is serious.

  • Jason

    I believe it’s measured in bananas.

  • littlejohn

    The chart is wrong. The line should be a straight 10 on the stupidity axis. All his theological explanztions are equally stupid.
    However, it would be accurate is you replace “stupidity” with “offensiveness.”

  • Beth B.

    Perhaps we can christen a new SI unit, the Robertson, to measure this quantity. Though it may have some competition in America with the popular Falwell scale.

  • Colin

    The SI unit of stupidity is the Ugh (U) and is equivalent to the force in Newtons exerted against Patrick Stewart’s palm by his forehead under standard gravitational acceleration.

  • Umm…err…cough, cough. Not to pick nits, but it would’ve been nicer if the original cartoonist had swapped the axes around, no? Conventionally, the “cause” x is on the x-axis and the “effect” f(x) is on the y-axis.

    Unless the cartoonist is proposing that Robertson’s comments increase the suffering of the unfortunate people of Haiti.

    Other than that, it’s a perfect depiction!

  • Julia

    I dunno, I think that it might be an exponential relationship…

  • Edman

    Last I checked, it was measured in Fallwells.

  • Stupid work with its stupid filtering. NakedPastor is considered an “Adult/Pornographic”…I’m guessing because of the “naked”. OH well, wait till I get home.

  • I agree with littlejohn

  • En Passant

    Ha! It’s funny because it’s true. (Or rather, with Ludwig’s astute correction, it’s true.)
    Can we measure theological stupidity in Dohs? As in Homer Simpson’s “Doh!” As an added benefit, its plural form is just obscure enough to look real sciency.


  • I wonder what the unit for “stupidity of theological explanations” is…


  • dannyness

    I like the idea of giving a name to the unit of measurement. Fallwells or facepalms are good ones. Or maybe just Pats. 1 million pats equals one megapat.

  • Quester

    I wonder what the unit for “stupidity of theological explanations” is…


  • Alec

    Remove the diagonals and it kind of looks like a step-function graph, haha. /math geek. 🙂

  • JJR

    maybe it’s measured in Woonits.

    (I stole that from the Pharyungla comments section from a few months back–not original to me).

  • Peregrine

    12 Falwells in a Phelps, which is approximately equivalent to 24.63 Benedicts. Benedict is actually metric, so you have to convert. Pat Robertson’s recent statement weigh in at 10 kilo-Benedicts.

  • littlejohn

    And one Falwell is ten Goddidits. Anything smaller is measured in Milligoddidits. For example, a Templeton Prize is equivalent to 150 Milligoddidits. A Nobel Prize is worth 200 negative Falwells. Of course, in parts of the UK, they still use Whitworth units. (only sports car and motorcycle enthusiasts will follow that one!)

  • Paul

    That chart should be redone as deaths over douchebaggery.

  • I wonder what the unit for “stupidity of theological explanations” is…

    This has already been done!

    The measure of theological stupidity is called the Hovind Scale. It ranges from 0 (The Blue Butterfly Effect) all the way up to 100 (Utter Hovind).

    The Hovind Factor for any given theological statement can be calculated here :

  • Charon

    Whatever the units are, I’m pretty sure theological stupidity goes all the way to 11.

  • I believe the SI unit is the milliHam.

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