Jesus and Cheese Curds January 14, 2010

Jesus and Cheese Curds

I’m sure A&W restaurants want to tailor their advertising to the masses, but combining Jesus with cheese curds may not be the most appetizing way to do it.

Reader Joey sent in this picture of one such restaurant in Frisco, Colorado. He adds that it’s not the first time they’ve used the sign for Christian evangelism, either:

That is *so* not sacrilicious.

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  • Ron in Houston

    I don’t know – Jesus and cottage cheese isn’t necessarily sacrilegious.

  • MaleficVTwin

    Yeah, I just trew up in my mouth a bit.

  • DexX

    What, you mean you’ve never had a Quattro Messianic pizza with four kinds of Jesus?

  • That’s just creepy…

  • I love “home made” religious signs.
    Btw, those cheese curds are pretty good. Seriously!

  • Bleatmop

    It’s not sacrilegious, it’s sacdelicious.


  • thetirdchimpanzee

    I once ate a quesadilla with the Virgin Mary’s face on it!

    I ate it to get her God Powers…but all I got was the runs…

  • lamb

    It didn’t make me feel spiritual but it DID make me crave poutine. And that stuff is divine!

  • Beckster

    I have been in that restaurant on a ski trip when I lived in Colorado! We thought it was just a regular old A&W, but we were wrong. The whole place is littered with the most awesome of rapture and “you’re goin’ to hell” literature! It is trippy.

  • Jon Banes

    I pass by this place all the time (it’s on the way from Denver to Breckenridge, a favorite mountain of mine) and the place makes a good burger, for fast food.

    As a side note it’s actually owned by Messianic Jews, commonly known as ‘Jews for Jesus’, which to me makes them Christian, but hey, who’s counting?

  • Mel

    I remember reading an article about this restaurant before.
    I couldn’t find the exact article, but here’s an excerpt from another article (that is no longer online apparently):

  • today was communion. nothing goes with the flesh and blood of the lord christ
    like fried cheese.

  • ckitching

    It didn’t make me feel spiritual but it DID make me crave poutine.

    I still wonder what the thought process was that went into creating poutine.
    “I like french fries, but they’re just not quite greasy enough.”
    “I’ve got it! I’ll add Cheese curds! That’s closer, but…”
    “Of course! Gravy! Perfect!”

    Yeah, it tastes good, but even unhealthy eaters like me look at it and notice how bad it is.

  • Carlie

    No one’s made a cheese and crackers joke yet?

  • Alec

    Wow, I went on a skiing trip to Keystone/Breckenridge a couple weeks ago (the 26th to the 31st) and I went out to eat in Frisco one night, and saw that sign. It had something to do with Jesus being a savior/son of god. I tried to take a picture and send it to you, but the car was going too fast and the picture was blurry.

  • We Are The 801

    Cheezus Christ!

  • J. J. Ramsey

    Blessed are the cheesemakers?

  • Joey

    My soul yearns for the Jesus while my stomach yearns for the cheese curds.

  • I’m imagining the manager saying something like, “Today, we’re advertising cheeses.”

    Then the sign putter-upper puts up this mess, because an ear infection caused him to hear, “Today, we’re advertising Jesus.”

    It makes sense to me.

  • Jim

    i live in breckenridge (about 10 min away) and drive by there all the time. i went in once and they had these ‘jews dont believe in god’ pamphlets at the counter. i’ll have to pick one up to show you guys.

  • Angie

    Um, I’ll check the Bible again, but I’m pretty sure that chapter 3 of the Gospel of John doesn’t start with, “cheese curds & cones, mushroom melts, fish.”

  • Blessed are the cheesemakers?

    Its not meant to be taken literally, it refers to any manufacturer of dairy products”

  • JD


  • Someone’s going to go there and get a cheese curd that looks like Jesus.

  • We Are The 801

    “Its not meant to be taken literally, it refers to any manufacturer of dairy products”

    Shut up big nose!

  • heyjo

    what a friend we have in cheeses?

  • Jude

    I noticed they went religious the last time I drove through Frisco. I lost a 20 dollar bill there in 1981 and consequently didn’t have enough money to purchase groceries that week. Summit County is a *strange* place, but I’d say it’s mostly filled with heathens.

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