How Much Am I Worth to You…? January 14, 2010

How Much Am I Worth to You…?

Skepchicamp organizers flatter me so.

They’re auctioning me off to the highest bidder. But I’m not going to church this time.

The winner and I are just going on a date.

Churches once bid on eBay for the chance to have Hemant Mehta, The Friendly Atheist, attend one of their services. Now you can bid on the chance to have him spend an evening with you.

This auction will take place at the Skepchicamp fundraiser on January 23rd. Tickets are on sale and cost $30 until January 16. Afterwards, tickets go up to $40. The ticket price includes free food and drinks. There are a limited number of tickets still available.

Proceeds from ticket sales and the auction will go towards Skepchicamp, an informal skeptical gathering set for March 6th at the Galway Arms, 2442 N. Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614. The event will feature Mehta, Surly Amy of Surly Ramics, and Skepchick blogger Elyse Anders. Rebecca Watson is also scheduled to participate in a panel discussion over the Internet.

Besides being one of the most eligible atheist bachelors, he runs the Friendly Atheist Blog, is the chair of the Secular Student Alliance, and a representative to the Secular Coalition for America. He also teaches mathematics at a suburban high school.

I would like to point out that I like females.

But if a male wants to donate a hefty amount to Skepchicamp via the auction, I’ve been told I will change my mind.

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  • rbray14

    press ganged’d sorry been watching the guild lately 😀

  • I have seemed female these past two decades, unfortunately, one who has been deserted for the cosy embrace of Pure Maths, but alas, I cannot traipse all the way out to Illinois at the moment or in the next six months, I’m heartily sorry. Even if it would be awesomely full of comfortable Mathematics and/or delightful Freethought…

    Males, in any event, have seemed okay thus far, provided they hold a mutual interest with me, a factor which readily changes depending on what I’ve read now.

    Distance hug?

  • I bid three-hundred thirty-nine dollars and eighty-eight cents!

  • Rob

    You never know, Hemant…. There could be a guy buying you for his wife/girlfriend. You’re into that right? 😉

  • But if a male wants to donate a hefty amount to Skepchicamp via the auction, I’ve been told I will change my mind.

    Evidently the fundies are correct… it is a choice.

  • Andy

    As a guy could I bid on you to be my Atheist wingman at skepchicamp?

  • Tony

    Are “extras” included or do we negotiate?

  • TychaBrahe

    Tempting, tempting, but I fear you are too young for me.

  • Renacier

    You’ve been told that you will change your mind? Ouch.

    Way to take one for the team, Hemant.

  • Aj

    Don’t be afraid with the quickness you’ll get laid. For your charity gets paid. It’s the wrong way. Hemant, you don’t have to put on a red light.

  • Beth

    Hooray Skepchicamp! Hooray Hemant! Hooray everybody-coming-to-the-fundraiser!


  • DGKnipfer

    I wonder what my wife would think if I won?

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