Will I Win the SATIRIST Award? January 13, 2010

Will I Win the SATIRIST Award?

I’m up for a SATIRIST award! (Sexiest Atheist That I Read In (my) Spare Time)

But I’m currently losing to a redheaded skeptic. (Blasphemy, I tell you!)

PZ‘s not included in this list, so I have a chance to pull out a victory!

Hmm… wait… there’s an “Other” category? Oh, $&*%.

Until I lose to “Other”… feel free to vote!

(via Lagunatic)

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  • Duo

    Sorry Hemant… but redheads are HOT. 🙂

  • Carlie

    I voted for you once… but then I voted for Laura twice. 😉

  • Damn you, Hemant!! You weren’t supposed to see this poll until it was over! But at least Duo and Carlie know the right thing to do. 😉 😉

  • Yes, sorry Hemant. I love your blog and all… but she’s a redhead, they win by default.

  • Todd

    She’s a redhead and she has ADHD. You lose.

  • Jim H

    Hemant, I love you man. But you’re just not sexy (to me). Even PZ couldn’t hold a candle to Laura for that particular adjective.

    (speaking way too broadly for approximately half your readers…)

  • @Jim H:

    I say this, with (as George Costanza said) an unblemished record of staunch heterosexuality, Hemant is an attractive man.

  • Potco

    Hemant, I love your blog, but Laura is definitely sexier than you, sorry.

  • Just Some Guy

    I would’ve voted for you, but, but she’s a redhead, I couldn’t help myself…

    *walks off in shame*

  • I voted for skepticat.

  • Um, in a poll that contains a mix of male and female candidates, isn’t the outcome likely to be biassed by the mix of male/female and straight/gay among the voters?

    Or am I over-analyzing like a pedantic asshole?

  • Carlie

    Underdogs are sexy, therefore keeping Hemant from winning this poll ensures his continued sexiness. Right?

  • BoomerChick

    As a cougar, my vote is for Hemant.
    Looks + Intellect = Sexy.

  • Flah

    I’m a girl, but I’m also a sister redhead (thanks, Clairol!), so my vote went to Laura. No offense, Hemant.

  • Gwenny

    Pshaw, I didn’t even know any of the others. And I thought I had a pretty inclusive list of atheist blogs in my feed. (And now I have more.) And what’s this?!?! Penn Jillette only got ONE vote (mine obviously) (And his name is misspelled) for sexiest atheist. OMG . .he’s on my Top Five Men Whose Children I Would Have if I Could Still Breed List. He broke my heart when he got married. LOL

    Oh, I voted for you, of course.

  • Ron in Houston

    You are the king of all atheist media. You’re a blogger, book author, and beef cake calendar model.

    Who cares if you win any meaningless poll – you’re still the king.


  • Sorry Hemant…maybe if I was gay and you had red hair. You lose to heterosexuality and a lifelong infatuation with red-haired women.

  • Edmond

    I am gay, and I have to agree with the red-hair thing, but can’t there be male and female categories? Although in that case, sorry Hemant, but I’ve been gaga over Sam Harris for years!

  • “Who cares if you win any meaningless poll”

    My poll is “meaningless”?


    It meant something to me…and Laura, who won.
    Sorry, Hemant. Maybe you should consider a little Manic Panic? I’m sure your kids would go nuts for it 😉

  • muggle

    Sorry, Hemant. Looks like I’m too late reading this anyway. But that other guy has cats. I love cats.

    Damn it. Lagunatic. I don’t have time to read more blogs. But someone who reads at the top, I’m a skeptic and I like cats has hooked me with that line alone. Good “God”, I hope no guy uses that line on me in real time. I will be in trouble.

  • Competing for a sexy award with a lady with so many men voting is an uphill task.

  • DGKnipfer

    I think you’re beautiful Hemant. Of course I think Laura is beautiful too.

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