Catholics Lose Fight Against Gay Marriage in Mexico City January 13, 2010

Catholics Lose Fight Against Gay Marriage in Mexico City

In the battle of Mexico City’s government versus the Roman Catholic clergy, on the issue of same-sex marriage… the victors are… the government!

It’s about time.

The Mexican capital’s legislative assembly overwhelmingly voted in mid-December to legalize gay marriage and agreed by a lesser margin to allow the same-sex betrothed to adopt. Mayor Marcelo Ebrard, a leader of the same left-leaning party that dominates the assembly, is expected to sign the initiatives into law later this month allowing them to take effect in March.

The discord uncovers deep scars of a 150-year-old contest between a once all-powerful Roman Catholic Church — in a country where as much as 90 percent of the people are baptized Catholics — and the steadfastly secular politicians who want its reach hobbled.

It’s not that the Catholics have lost, per se. They don’t have to allow gay marriages within their churches. They don’t have to recognize those marriages as acceptable. They can continue to be bigots all they want.

Meanwhile, the rest of the city — including progressive Catholics — are moving in the direction of equality for all, and that’s a great thing. No one else has to abide by a damn thing they say and no one has to believe what they want others to believe.

(Thanks to Duke for the link!)

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  • RPJ

    In America, it’s nearly impossible to be elected anything without professing wet dreams for Jesus. How does the government of Mexico manage to exist as a secular force in a country that is overwhelmingly religious (if the numbers in that article are correct)?

  • Ramon Caballero

    In Mexico, part of North America 😛 , being Catholic is more a cultural thing than a religious thing, everybody gets baptized and everybody gets married in the church, but for legal stuff you are not married until you do it (get married) in front of the Government (a Public Notary Office), in Mexico going to church is more of a social thing than a believers thing, even in our language the religious phrases have lost their real meaning. I became an atheist in Mexico, but there was nothing to do there hehe, maybe only abortion and adoption stuff, here in USA if you are an atheist you have to be vocal because the school system and the government itself is going literally down (or backwards)

  • This, along with real Coke (the one with sugar instead of HFCS – the drink people, not the powder let’s-get-high stuff) would be a MUCH welcomed import to the States from Mexico.

    Bring it!
    (Congrats, Mexico)

  • NewEnglandBob

    I want neither Coke (sugar or HFCS or the nose powder kind).

    Just import the critical thinking.

  • Trace

    The tone for the current spat was set in early December when Mexican Cardinal Lozano declared in Rome that gay people can’t enter heaven because “anything that goes against nature and the dignity of the body offends God.”

    Like celibacy?

  • Twin-Skies

    …or men wearing silly dresses.

  • Way to go Mexico! 🙂

    in a country where as much as 90 percent of the people are baptized Catholics

    This just sounds to me like the standard religious numbers game. Just because someone gets forcibly inducted into your club when they are too young to reasonably express their own opinion, doesn’t mean you should automatically get to assume they are still members of the club when they become adults.

  • And officially, America moves into the spot of ‘Most Backwards Country in North America.’ Congratulations, religious bigots, you’ve now made us look bad.

  • georgine marken

    why is “the” bible allowed and revered in places of u.s. politics? it contains christian and jewish religious theory. So,why is it ever in congress? Why does a “swearing in” include it? Why must a witness “swear” on it in court? or swear “on” anything in a court proceeding? why does congress open with a “benediction”?Are we “progressive” because we now “allow” jewish and other non-Christian leaders to deliver this benediction? In 2010, why are these religious influences still in our politics? When, when, when will our government forbid them in places dealing with politics and law?

  • Staceyjw

    I LOVE this, go Mexico! Makes me happy to live there.

    YES everyone is Catholic. I’m not sure how serious everyone takes it, but there are Lady Of Guadalupe and Jesus pics and candles everywhere, in every car.

    The govt in Mexico has very little to do with what the public wants. It may be considered a Democracy, but the reality is much different. Even if everyone there was against gay marriage (which I doubt, though there’s a lot of homophobia where I’m at) the govt wouldn’t care. This is a good thing in THIS situation, as the Catholic church has no business in politics.

  • Santiago

    This is absolutely good news of course, but it is my sad duty to inform you guys and gals that Mexico is still a battleground between secular, rational people and our share of bigots and religious conservatives. Just a few months ago abortion was criminalized in half of our states due to heavy lobbying by the good ol’ Catholic church. So, take heart my gringo friends, we are not quite that far ahead of you!

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