Atheist Bus Campaign in… Tasmania! January 4, 2010

Atheist Bus Campaign in… Tasmania!

Guess what people will be seeing as of this morning on buses in Hobart, Tasmania (a state in Australia)?

Congratulations to the Atheist Foundation of Australia and President David Nicholls for making this happen — especially after getting denied once before. (They haven’t had luck getting money from the government for their conference either.)

The success of this ad, and hopefully others like it, should give them reason to be optimistic.

(via Sean the Blogonaut)

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  • Trace

    Those Tasmanian devils!

    I like the message. I am sure some will protest, though.

  • EDDO

    I love it! Now if only we can get them on the mainland.

  • Felix

    I like it that they don’t mention god. Every single other campaign that had the word “God” in it was immediately (and stupidly) applauded by believers pretending to be happy about “getting more people to think about god”. We all know it’s bullshit, and that they didn’t get a single more bum to warm a pew, but it was just so annyoing to me after the first three times I saw this reaction; it just stopped being funny.

  • Siamang

    Those Tasmanian devils!

    So I wasn’t the first one to think of this pun?

    Alright then.

  • I love how simple, straightforward, and joyful this message is. It unabashedly honors reason over religion, yet doesn’t come off as combative. (Which, of course, doesn’t mean that people won’t respond to it in a combative manner…but unfortunately that’s difficult to prevent!)

  • Alec

    I actually really like this one…it’s my favorite nontheistic ad I’ve seen so far. It’s clear, concise, and straight to the point, and gives a nice, happy feeling. I agree with twaddleoranything.

  • weas

    Yay! Such a pity it’s in the south of the state. I won’t get to see it before I travel again.

    Oh well, I’m glad it made it through! Hopefully when I return it will be EVERYWHERE

  • muggle

    That is a nice sign. I have to agree that it is the best one yet. Just positive instead of defensive or something.

    My grandson is into reading (first grade) and asked about it! Wanted to know why we should celebrate reason. So you see it is a conversation starter. 😀

  • Ben

    The good thing about Tasmania is that despite being the last state in the country to decriminalise homosexuality, they are generally more progressive now than the rest of the country. I would imagine the south of the state (furtherest from the mainland of Australia) would be the most conservative, so probably why this campaign is there.

    Anyway, speaking of Tasmanian devils: scientists have recently discovered that the cause of the contagious, fatal facial tumours — which could see the species extinct (in the wild) in as little as 20 years — is not bacterial or viral as first thought. It is, in fact, that the cancerous cells themselves are contagious.

    Devils are more genetically similar than other species, so cells from other individuals can bypass the immune system in order to spread from animal to animal. And it all started with one devil, about 20 years ago.

    I’m sure there is a lesson to be learned here, where an entire species can be wiped out by a single mutation in a single individual, but I’m not sure what it is.

  • It’s really nice to see.

  • Oh, so close!

    The ad came just short of quoting the Bible,

    “‘Come now, let us reason together,’ says the LORD” (Isaiah 1:18).
    .-= Mariano´s last blog ..The Freedom From Religion Foundation Again Positively Affirms God’s Non-Existence But Where is the Evidence? =-.

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