Overhanging Baby Cage January 2, 2010

Overhanging Baby Cage

How did they know back in 1934 how my future child’s crib would be built?

(via Boing Boing)

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  • Zaz

    Holy crap. I couldn’t believe that when I first saw it.. Kind of makes the times then seem a little.. well, savage, haha.

  • Michael Jackson would have loved that!

  • TychaBrahe

    My fuzzy children would LOVE that.

  • Staceyjw

    Fuzzy, like animals? (I call my ferret a fuzzy)

    If you did this today you would be tossed in jail, and have your kid removed. I wonder if they did this because they didn’t much space, or because the baby cried ALL THE TIME.

    I bet their neighbors HATED THEM!

  • Well, at least the kid’s getting some fresh air???

  • Jim

    That’s nothing, Steve Irwin used to hold his own kids over crocs!

  • stephanie

    Yet nobody has a problem with fencing to keep people from jumping off overpasses…
    It looks to me like a baby version of a sleeping porch, and the cage is just there to keep the kid safe.

  • Staceyjw

    These are the “good old days” the fundies always harken back to…..

  • Mr Skinner, I’m ready to come back in now.

  • Baby Cage
    Couldn’t escape if you wanted to
    Baby Cage
    Your parents don’t have time for you

  • mikespeir

    Fear of heights just wasn’t an option, I guess.

  • Richard P

    looks very well built.
    I love good craftsmanship.

  • The page says this was in London. Is it bad that I’m surprised it wasn’t in America?

    A friend points out that this looks like a still from a movie, though. Is it real? D:

  • colin

    I see that today in my neighborhood, Borough Park in Brooklyn. When you make a baby every time you have sex, your apartment gets a little crowded I guess.

  • Kind of takes the fun out of the, drop the toy and mom fetches it back, game.

    My MIL had one of these for her cat back in the 70’s. I’m now wondering if the cat was the only occupant.

  • onelife760

    If i only had 3 windows in my apartment

  • Carlie

    Victor, please tell me that’s to be sung to the tune of Smelly Cat.

  • gwen

    These were used during the winter to make sure the babies got enough vitamin D and prevented deficiency. People who didn’t had a balcony could put the infant out side (note he/she is well bundled) to get sunshine for a few hours a day. It was also common in Scandinavian and other northern European countries. Mom could be working indoors and the child is safely getting their daily dose of Vitamin D. Getting vitamin D during the winter is a problem in these climates. The infant would only be placed there during good weather, and the view is actually very stimulating and entertaining to a small child.

  • That basket would be perfect for deep-fried baby.

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