Your Religious Biography in Six Words January 1, 2010

Your Religious Biography in Six Words

Can you tell your religious journey or beliefs in six words?

I asked this question on Twitter and Facebook and these were some of my favorite responses:

The scientific method is my copilot. (Kerry)

Credulous fundamentalist, questioning skeptic, happy atheist. (Butch)

Forced into Catholicism. Ran away screaming! (Danene)

Accepted because taught, abandoned after thought. (Zach)

What was I thinking? So sorry. (GordonGoblin)

What’s your story?

(via Kate Shellnutt)

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  • Never had any religion. Still don’t.

  • I came, I saw, I left.

  • Altar boy, grew up, wandered off.

  • marsmar

    was a deist, said screw that!

  • qwertyuiop

    Outgrew Santa, outgrew God, embraced reality.

  • No religion holds up under scrutiny.

  • didnt believe then, don’t believe now

  • No church attendance plus library card.

  • From miserable Mormon to happy atheist.

  • British Cat

    Once a mystic, then I left.

  • DeafAtheist

    Chose rational thought over religious dogma.

  • I was Mormon; now I’m not.

  • “Saved” by grace, then by reason.

  • littlejohn

    I worship satan, also eat babies.
    Oh wait, that’s probably the wrong thing to say. Sorry.

  • Ollie

    Dinosaurs killed Noah. Remaining myths? Dessert!

  • Richard Wade

    Really wanted enlightenment, then lightened up.

  • Was born a happy little atheist.

  • K

    Raised Mormon. Tried Wicca. Now atheist.

  • Tori Aletheia

    Never believed in the 1st place.

  • a child journeys with skepticism alone

  • Victor

    Wanted faith, accepted reality, grew up.

  • Peregrine

    Found my own way. Found myself.

  • Vystrix Nexoth

    Gave up God with Santa Claus.

  • Frank Moorman

    Never had it. Why get it?

  • Clint Laskowski

    My brain works. How about yours?

  • Jessica

    Mormonism hurt my feminism, embraced freethought

  • Hugh Kramer

    Saw the light. It was electric.

  • Seth C.

    Heart cannot accept, what head rejects.


    Raised without religion, thanks Mom, Dad.

  • Richard P

    looked for happiness in wrong place

  • Cafeeine

    Once examined, god concepts became absurd.

  • Jonathan

    For Sale: Holy Bible, Never used.

    … Sorry for the obvious plagiarism, Mr. Hemmingway.

  • Dave

    O rly? Ya rly. No wai!

    I sort of feel bad for using this dead joke but it fit too well.

  • NewEnglandBob

    Reasoned my way to critical thought.

  • ThatOtherGuy

    Bill Nye is my god, bitches.

  • Don’t take campfire stories too seriously.

  • Eight

    Fundamentalist homophobe, owned by freethinkers.

  • sj23

    I don’t believe in fairy tales.

  • Björn

    Was told that there was no Santa Claus. Figured that then there can’t be no god either.

  • Ask, “Why should I believe that?”

  • the atheists have come up with some of the best ones, hemant! here are some people sent me:
    “Was Christian. Something smelled fishy. I left.”
    “Born into religion. Born again Atheist.”

    thanks for asking your followers to participate.


    True love doesn’t torture, so bye.

  • The Other Tom

    I’m not sure if it’s

    Parents never said I should believe

    or if it’s

    Religion too preposterous for my acceptance

  • I read my way into atheism.

  • Jeff

    I hate waking up on Sundays.

  • Ben

    Wait… this shit makes no sense.

  • DemetriusOfPharos

    Mormon, then reached age of reason

    Apologies to Carlin for stealing his joke.

  • Life-long atheist; still love Christmas carols.

  • Tom Woolf

    Happy, healthy, decent person. Screw religion.

  • Looked into it for my kids.

  • Cradle atheist disappointed by adult believers.

  • Weemaryanne

    Raised Catholic. It didn’t take. Shrug.

  • stephanie

    Attended many churches. Decided against them.

  • muggle

    Christian, Jewish, Agnostic, Atheist at last.

    Love these! We’re creative.

    Must give a shout out to Dan Barker’s song in tribute to those of us who escape childhood indoctrictation:

    “Life is unbelievably good.”

    Damned straight. And perfect in four words.

  • My mind will not be closed.

  • Shannon

    Tried religion. It just wasn’t me.

  • Holly

    Couldn’t make myself believe in spirits.

  • Mormon fully capable of accepting science.

  • Madeupshit worked while I was gullible.

  • ImmortalityLTD

    Catholic, then skeptic, now secular humanist.

  • Takma’rierah

    Never really understood it; oh well.

  • The Talented Chimp

    It never made any sense. Ever!

  • Never understood the appeal of mumbo-jumbo.

  • Angie

    Left behind all the Christian lies.

  • Amyable Atheist

    Ran from Catholicism, then all woo.

  • history, empathy, science made more sense

  • Twin-Skies

    My conscience wouldn’t let me continue

  • Fritzy

    Wanted to believe. Reason wouldn’t allow.

  • lrnalot

    Jewish rules uncool. Stay in school.

  • Fear isn’t freedom – love is truth.

  • TychaBrahe

    Jew. Aslan (Christian?). Wiccan. Ceiling Cat!

  • Raised areligiously, saved by holy Pasta.

  • Lilith

    Tried many, none worked, embraced reason.

  • Aim

    Trapped obsessive compulsive to free thinker

  • Carlie

    Used to be brainwashed; better now.

  • MPD zombie god? Umm, no thanks.

    Which all powerful god? There’s many!

    You eat your creator? Ewww, gross! – I heard a little kid say this to a Christian once. 🙂

    Also don’t believe in gnomes or leprechauns.

    Never seen any evidence proving God(s).


    MPD = Multiple Personality Disorder

  • I never believed during Catholic school.

    My religious expierence wasn’t Jesus Camp.

  • Smarter than people at my church.

    De-Santaed my sister, she was five.

  • AnonyMouse

    Without Christ there can be no Christianity.

  • Everything in my universe is real.

  • Scott H

    Much, some, less, none. Finally sane.

  • Religious belief is just plain silly.

  • Marcel

    Believe? Meh. I’d rather think.

  • Raised to believe, found myself deceived.

  • Hypatia’s Daughter

    I don’t know, I think.

  • Read the Bible and also Ingersoll.

  • Brian

    Intellectually honest, left Reform, then Orthodoxy.

  • Anonymity

    Studied Bible, saw contradictions, immediate disillusionment.

  • I walk alone, with everyone else.

  • Said “no” to church at 4.

  • Having faith in reason is easier.

  • And God said, “I don’t exist.”

  • Neal

    Understanding the feeling, knowing the reality.

  • I refuse to follow a crowd!

  • ChrisS

    I finally read the damn bible…

  • Linda Turnipseed

    Omniscient? Omnipotent? Omnibenevolent? ……Existence of evil.

  • Kristi

    Fundie asks questions, discovers no god.

  • Dan

    I’m too rational to be delusional.

  • rationalbabble

    Seriously? I’m supposed to believe that?!?

  • George

    Was blind but now I see.

  • Phil

    Never really believed, now actively don’t.

  • Why need God? We have Hubble;

    No fairies, santa, gods, no problem!!

    finally, not 6 words, but almighty words from Eugene Mirman;
    “God is a 12 year old boy with aspergers!”
    think about it…

  • Noah

    Finally considered it…religion was bullshit.

  • Henry

    Searched for truth, found no god.

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