The Atheist Bus Campaign Children’s Book December 27, 2009

The Atheist Bus Campaign Children’s Book

Crispian Jago has created a wonderful little children’s book version of how the Atheist Bus Campaign began:

I think this is my favorite page:

(via Science, Reason and Critical Thinking)

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  • llewelly

    “Then her toast set off the smoke alarm so she had to ask Richard to wait while she tried to stop the alarm beeping.”

    How could anyone miss such a clear signal from God? God tried to warn Ariane Sherine that she would burn in Hell if she continued to speak to Dr. Dawkins . And even after she continued to speak to Dr. Dawkins, God continued to try to save her soul from the fires of Hell:

    “When Ariane came back to the telephone Richard was still waiting for her but the smoke alarm kept beeping.”

    But sadly she chose not to listen. Now poor Ariane and millions of others will burn in Hell. Satan will cheer, and God will cry. Worst of all, Ariane has no-one to blame but herself.

    It is too bad we live in a world where atheists and Satan have so much power that it is all God can do to set a piece of toast on fire. But that too is the fault of atheists like Ariane Sherine; her predecessor Madalyn Murray O’Hair was much the same.

  • Rhiannon

    Small grammar error I noticed, it should read “best ways for grown ups…” right now it reads “gown ups” which would be a very unfortunate dress code.

    llewelly, that is some of the most ignorant, intolerant religious garbage I’ve heard in a long time. Congrats, that’s really hard to do since I live in a red state. I hope your imaginary friend gives you a hug upon your death.

  • DemetriusOfPharos

    I think I recognize your username, so I’m going to assume that post was a Poe; but damn, that’s a good Poe. (Also, the spelling and grammar seem to be correct, and there are no unnecessary capital letters.)

  • It’s not a POE, it’s just heavy sarcasm.

    I’m annoyed with the line about Catholics thinking the Pope is always right no matter what he says. That’s just ignorant anti-Catholic B.S., equivalent to saying evolution is just a theory.

  • Number8

    llewelly seems pretty obviously sarcastic to me.

    Cute little story, but I think it would fall under the category of indoctrination to give it to children. Those bad Christians and their silly religion this and that. A kid at that reading level isn’t ready to make that determination for itself. This isn’t seriously for kids, is it?

  • I agree with Number8.

    The whole purpose of educationg our kids to free-thinking is teaching them to think for themselves. However, young kids cannot as yet think for themselves, so we need to be extra-tolerant when explaining to them about things we disagree with or reject. I think it may only contribute to our kids to learn that there are controvesies in the world, that their parents have a stand (and that they themselves should adopt their own once they grow up a little), but that this doesn’t necessarily makes their parents’ opponents automatically monsters or fools. They are people too, and they are not all the same, just like we aren’t.

  • I agree with Number8. I think it’s an amusing little book, but I think it’s more appropriate as a satire for grownups who can filter the information and form their own opinions. I wouldn’t read it to my kids. It does too much telling what to think instead of encouraging kids to think for themselves.

  • Rhiannon…do I know you? I think we may live in the same red state.

  • Shannon

    LOL! 😉 When I first saw the post I thought it was an actual kid’s book too but I just read through it on the link. It’s a parody of some educational book style in England apparently?

    I’m assuming that llewelly is being funny but if she’s serious, well, that’s even funnier 😉

  • Edmond

    llewelly was clearly using sarcasm.

    It is too bad we live in a world where atheists and Satan have so much power that it is all God can do to set a piece of toast on fire.

    I mean, come on.

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