A Fundamentalist Christian Christmas Card December 25, 2009

A Fundamentalist Christian Christmas Card

Edwin Kagin is the legal director of American Atheists and a guy with a very unique sense of humor.

He offers his version of a Christmas card from a fundamentalist Christian family:

… The house was burned down by sparks from the burning of Harry Potter books in our yard. Little Marvin got a chicken bone stuck in his throat at a church picnic and was rushed to the hospital where doctors had to remove his voice box, so he can never talk again, but God miraculously saved him. Miranda is now being home schooled after she left eighth grade to become a single mother. An abortion was out of the question, and we know God has given us a hydrocephalic grandchild for his own good and perfect reasons…

(via Blasphemous Blogging)

Activist Rob Sherman is also offering his list of Top Ten Reasons why it’s Great to be an Atheist at this time of year:

Reason # 7: No burning down your house when some live tree catches fire in your living room. What the hell are you doing, putting a live “evergreen” tree in your living room, and then stringing a bunch of electrical wires and lights on the tree, just when the tree is in its most combustible state? Are you trying to burn your house down?

Reason # 6: No need to send out, by postal or by e-mail, those annoying holiday cards with the phony sincerity.

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  • Trace

    “very unique” indeed.

  • that is the first time I’ve seen someone non medical ever mention Hydrocephalus. No one ever knows what it is when I tell them I have it. Most know Cerebral Palsy though.

  • Dantea

    Should have been anencephaly imo.

  • Ben

    I like the Top Ten reasons, but the so-called Christmas card from a fundamentalistic family? Unfunny. Worse, it’s another kind of straw man.

  • COD

    I don’t think real Christmas trees are anywhere close to the exclusive domain of Christians. Going out with the family and cutting down a tree is a big part of the fun.

  • I don’t think real Christmas trees are anywhere close to the exclusive domain of Christians.

    Neither is exchanging cards. We exchange cards with a few family members, and also a couple of old friends of my parents. Ironcially, the only seasonal card we got this year that refers to the Nativity (and that humorously) is from my Jewish father-in-law.

  • I thought the definition of an atheist was someone who doesn’t believe there is a god. I did not realize that the definition of atheist was someone who felt compelled to mock Christianity and religion in general.

    [I understand that some atheists can fullfill both definitions. I just don’t find it appropriate that the head of American Atheists did this, as it therefore seems to speak for all atheists.]

    Some atheists can be religious pluralists, and don’t take issue with the beliefs of others.

  • Mak

    Yeah, seriously, I think we’re definitely pushing the definition of “friendly” with this kind of stuff…

  • Stephen P

    In my family the less-religious/non-religious households put more effort into Christmas decorations and presents than the more-religious households, so I’m afraid Sherman misses the mark.

    And while Kagin’s piece just about works as satire, I don’t find it very funny.

  • We put up an artificial tree, decorate it with lights and ornaments, exchange gifts, and give and receive cards. All in the later part of December and I’m an atheist.

    Our kids really enjoyed getting their presents this year. Not a single word about Jesus, what you must believe, heaven or hell in our household.

  • Thanks for the backup Mak. I definitely don’t find this post very friendly.

  • Rob Sherman’s a dick. As much as I love that there is a well-known atheist out there getting publicity, I hate that it has to be him.

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