The Principles of Critical Thinking December 24, 2009

The Principles of Critical Thinking

Give your friends and family (and yourself) a gift this holiday season:

Teach everyone how to think critically:

(via QualiaSoup)

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  • Thanks for posting this!

  • Great video! I need to share this with a lot of people I know!

  • Neal O

    It’s nice. All seems a bit apple pie though. Is it me or am I missing the substance?

    Enlighten me someone please!

  • It seemed as if it was lacking something to me as well, Neal O. It needed a bit of elaboration and more extensive explanation on a few points, I think. Part of the problem is that it is difficult to convey such concepts to people who don’t already understand them.

    Mysticism, for example, was pointed out as something away from which critical thinking pushes, on the grounds that it is a poor explanation for anything, but if someone accepts mysticism and thinks it legitimately explains any given thing then they may not understand the issue.

  • Rob

    Visiting my dad for Holiday Season. My younger brother (who is a Wiccan) is watching Ghost Hunters. We just had an argument about the existence of ghosts. This will help.

  • AxeGrrl

    QualiaSoup really needs to put out a DVD of his/their youtube offerings.

    The ‘Open-mindedness’ video alone is worth a DVD release.

  • muggle

    Excellent video!

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