Iowa Gets a New Atheist Bus Ad December 22, 2009

Iowa Gets a New Atheist Bus Ad

The last time Iowa atheists put up bus ads, they were quickly taken down (and then later put back up), a bus driver refused to do her job because an atheist ad was on her bus, and the governor complained.

All that because of this *horribly* offensive banner:


So what are the Iowa Atheists & Freethinkers doing now?

Well, with the publicity they got last time, they’re obligated to do a repeat performance!

This time, they’re using the following ad:

Why this wording?

[Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers spokesperson Lily] Kryuchkov says: “Simply because it’s kind of a difficult time for non-believers, because everybody around you is going to church, there’s always religious charities, there’s religious songs and stuff like that, and people feel really alone and kind of left out. And so we just wanted to speak to them and say ‘hey we know that you are a good person too’, basically.”

… Kryuchkov says the group is not out to shut down religious groups.

Kryuchkov says that has never been their intent and they are “not at war with anybody.” She says they’re just speaking to the people that are like them and share their views and are open to dialogue with people who don’t share their views and we can all co-exist…

The ads, once again, are courtesy of the United Coalition of Reason.

Let’s see whose feathers get ruffled this time around…

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  • Shannon

    Love it!

  • RG

    Yeah so far this is my favorite motto for an atheist group.

  • RG

    why is there a dianetics ad on your site?

  • That is brilliant!

  • Alan E.

    @RG The ads are randomly populated based on key words throughout the site. If you click on them, they get more traffic but they have to pay out more.

  • I think it’s lovely.

    I suspect that’ll be too much for the religious nuts to handle as well, but it really is lovely.

  • Jer

    That is frankly the best atheist organization ad tag I’ve ever seen. It’s funny, seasonally appropriate, and should get people thinking. With the added benefit that anyone who objects to it is going to look like a complete jackass too, because how can you object to a sentiment like that without sounding like a nitwit? (I suppose that might be a down side in some folks eyes – the more objections that get raised the more free advertising the organization gets, but at this point they’ve probably gotten quite a bit of eyeballs from the earlier controversial ads and a subtler ad should be effective enough on its own to raise awareness among those who don’t already know about the org).

    My compliments to their copy writer. They should definitely give him/her more work.

  • muggle

    I like that one! Very pretty too. Nicely done.

  • Good for Iowa. First gay rights and now free-thought… Since when did flyover country become the most progressive state in the nation?

  • nan


    1839, the Iowa Supreme Court rejected slavery in a decision that found that a slave named Ralph became free when he stepped on Iowa soil, 26 years before the end of the Civil War decided the issue.

    1868, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled that racially segregated “separate but equal” schools had no place in Iowa, 85 years before the U.S. Supreme Court reached the same decision.

    1869 1st state to admit women to the practice of law

    1873, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled against racial discrimination in public accommodations, 91 years before the U.S. Supreme Court reached the same decision.

    1934 1st North American mosque

    (just sayin’……)

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