Site Updates December 21, 2009

Site Updates

We’re making a couple changes to the site and some of you might see some odd formatting for a little while regardless of browser.

Please bear with me and things should be back to normal soon!

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  • Hemant, thanks for the heads-up.

    I just came here out of curiosity to see the changes – it looks good! While here I noticed the ad under the header is for dianetics. Is it possible for you to get an ads package more in line with your nonbeliefs?

  • Peregrine

    Is that why the page has been looking like an artifact of the ’90s all day? It looks like Firefox isn’t loading any CSS for some reason. IE looks different. It’s actually loading the banner for one thing. Could be something on my end…

  • Dr.Bruce

    On Safari 4.0.4, I am now getting text on a white background. I actually like this very clean look. Maybe try to keep your new design simple and clean.

    As to the ads, I presume they are automatically selected based on “relevant” words used. To me, that’s a great thing, because most of the ads will be from theists whose ads would never tempt any of us to spend money on them. I like the irony of theists all chipping in to pay to host “Friendly Atheist.”

    It is appropriate, after all. The site wouldn’t even need to exist if it weren’t for theists. Just as there are no web sites that are for friendly non-believers-in-Zeus, or for friendly non-believers-in-the-tooth-fairy. For example, what were everyone’s experiences when they were dating back when they DID believe in the tooth fairy? Nobody would have anything to say about that.

  • If you click on the ads the company who is placing the ad will have a small amount deduced from their account until that account is empty or replenished. If we all click on them it will cost somebody, and it will eventually go away.

    I like the new design…except we’re missing Hemant’s picture at the top. But then again, I’m from the old days…I think this web thing is a fad and eventually we’ll all go back to using Gopher.

  • I see Hemant’s picture in Opera and it’s a good one 🙂

    I’d never heard that if you click on an ad the company whose ad it is loses money. Is that really true? I would have thought they’d already paid for the ad.

  • Rob

    Define “normal.”

  • David D.G.

    We’re making a couple changes to the site and some of you might see some odd formatting for a little while regardless of browser.

    Ah. Perhaps this explains why the banner currently appears as if the main title of the blog is in Arabic.

    Yes, Hemant, I’m kidding — sort of. I do see the upside-down version of the title embedded into the right-side-up version. But while that may be a clever artistic construction, it badly degrades readability. (And how many people do you know who websurf while hanging upside down?) Here’s hoping that you get a much more readable title up there soon.

    However, I would like to add that the rest of the page appears much more readable, mainly from the use of a serif font (Times New Roman, probably — very readable and attractive) with good spacing. So I approve heartily of that particular change!

    ~David D.G.

  • guest pest

    According to the W3C Markup Validator, this page contains 124 Errors, 15 warning(s). (This could be why I only see what is mostly a plain text web page.)

  • Tim

    No. The reason why you see that is because the CSS is not loading properly. Some weird issue that is happening.

    I’m sure it will be fixed very soon, though.

  • You could make the palindrome the smaller font and the all uppercare FRIENDLY ATHEIST the larger font.

  • muggle

    Good. Tell me that pink banner and unreadable font aren’t permanent. I preferred the black.

    I like the new black on white font, except that it’s cutting off. My old eyes enlarge to 150% and I thought that was it but it still did when I knocked it back down to an eye-tiring 100%. But I figure that’s one of the things you’re working on.

    Am I the only one who pays no attention to banner ads?

  • muggle

    cutting off on the right margin, some words are only half there.

    Hemant, the edit button hasn’t been working for me for a couple of weeks. Any idea why that’s happening?

  • Muggle — Not sure what’s up. I’ll try checking it out when the rest of the site is back to normal. It’s still messed up for me right now…

  • Richard Wade

    Thaenunatbeisl. Catchy name.

  • Erik

    Add me to the list of readers who think the new upside down reverse palindromish title just doesn’t work.

  • Dan Covill

    I too hate the banner/title/gibberish at the top. It’s impenetrably cute to no purpose, and totally obscures what you’re trying to say, which is really, really important.

  • Siamang

    Ambigrams seem to me like the kind of thing that people keep insisting I should be impressed by.

    They’re trivial to create if you’re willing to sacrifice legibility.

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