Jesus Shouldn’t Take a Dive December 20, 2009

Jesus Shouldn’t Take a Dive

You see the joke coming from a mile away… but it still made me laugh 🙂

(via @metheliving)

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  • Oh how funny!

  • I like it.

  • Funny. I like how he does it over and over again. You think he’d learn…but no!

  • ursulamajor

    My morning laugh! Now for my morning coffee.

  • Luther

    Hey! If I claim to believe all this can I go out and sin, ask for forgiveness, and have no regrets?

    What a guy! Because of his sacrifice billions can cheat, steal, rape, and kill without a concern.

    Sadly it doesn’t cost him a thing, being a myth.

  • Shouldn’t he be wearing his signature diaper, or at least a white Speedo??

  • muggle

    Damn it, you actually made me feel for Jesus. Poor dude can’t even take a swim.

  • On the other hand, when Moses dives off the board, the water parts and he hits the concrete bottom.

  • littlejohn

    Why is Jesus white?

  • Bráulio Bezerra


    Even if he really existed, his sacrifices were nothing compared to things lots of people do every single day. For example, he never was raped again and again like some women and even children are. Damn! He supposedly had superpowers! I can’t see how this is such a sacrifice.

    Ah, when I say these things to christians they look so embarrassed of their fairy tale… I even avoid discussing this with good friends. It’s just plain sad to base one’s life in these obvious lies.

  • Joffan

    Funny… and I admit – I didn’t see it coming. Not the first time, anyway.

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